Eczema: What to Avoid

There is no one answer for eczema skin problems but some people have found the following to be useful in terms of what can be possible culprits for eczema symptoms and rash outbreaks. First of all, don’t scratch . Where gloves, scream do what you have to do to avoid doing that. It will complicate things and may add bacteria into the mix leading to a secondary rash. Take antihistamines and use flax seed oil to relieve the itching

Some people have found the following cause eczema reactions: Nickel/chrome plated jewelry, snaps
Latex, Talc (powder often used in latex gloves) ,Laundry detergent ,Fabric Softener ,Antibiotic Soaps
and lanolin. Not everyone is sensitive to these items of course.

For food reactions that can cause itchy skin rashes. The list includes: wheat, dairy products (especially milk) ,nuts and eggs. You can get allergy tested to know for sure. Food dyes are a no-no for many people with eczema.

Try to wear rubber gloves when washing dishes, and don’t let your hands be constantly wet. This can be an irritant. Use soap-free cleansers or mild, non-alkaline (neutral) soap, including:

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
Phisoderm Clean Cleanser
Soapless Foaming Cleanser by Sisley
Aprivera Body & Hair Cleanser

I have found neem oil moisturizers helpful from the health food store. You can moisturize with olive oil, coconut oil, sesame, honey, and vegetable oil. Commercial lotions include aquaphor, eucerin and fragrance free lotions. Don’t let your body’s oils dry out but protect them via moisturizing right after the shower and using a humidifier in the house. Don’t trap sweat on your body, this has re-awakened eczema for me and I now am very careful after exercising or when I’m out in the sun.

I recommend this book for a comprehensive approach to stop eczema. It is a whole system and involves dietary changes . People hop around trying an herb here, a vitamin there and different things and have no program . Several people have wrote me on it but it has a money back guarantee as well so it is risk free. Eczema Cure Book

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4 Responses to “Eczema: What to Avoid”

  1. Hello
    Very interesting post on eczema.I suffered from eczema for many many years and actually I dont think you can ever be an ex sufferer as eczema can flare up at any time.There are ways to prevent an outbreak and the major reason for outbreaks is usually stress related.Also avoid raw potatoes.Do not peel potatoes or handle any raw potatoes.And an easy home tip which I found worked was to have a few teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda in your bath water during an outbreak.You do however still need help to prevent outbreaks in the first place

  2. will this book work, I mean how should I belive it. It is a book its not a cream or whatever, does this book only suggest foods and drinks that will actually CURE my eczema or just heal it for the time being and if I do not drink or eat what’s suggested in the book it will just come back slowly again??

  3. A few people from site emailed me and said it has really gotten to root of their eczema problem . It has a nutritional plan plus supplements. It also has a money back guarantee. One person said she is cheating a lot, but still her skin is good. It may be that you can make some modifications, take some supplements and still be fine without it relapsing. I believe if you improve your immune system this can also result in overcoming allergies that may have caused the rash .

  4. I found my eczema and allergy wheels got worse during my pregnancy & were classified as Pupp. After the pregnancy the Pupp was supposed to subside but it hasn’t. Keep on getting red wheels, and I’m becoming allergic to the cortisteroid creams (rash is becoming septic) or hair follicles get infected. I’m in a weird predicament where I don’t know what to do. Been on antihistamine Levocitrizine (Xyzal) and throughout pregnancy, Cetrizine Dihydrochloride (2 at a time per day) for ages.

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