Stress Rash: Anxiety and Nervousness Can Cause Rashes

There’s so much in the news today about the connection between the mind, body and spirit. In my psychotherapy sessions I’ve recently worked with two women that see a strong correlation between periods of anxiety in their lives and stress rash eruptions.

One woman who is works at a computer company and needs to give presentations says she notices it before meetings when people come from out of town. She says it is red blotchy pimples and patches that start on her neck and move to her arms and back area. It seems to be psychological as the bumps calm down a few hours later once the stressful situation passes. It doesn’t sound like hives as it is very short in duration and not always is itchy.

The second client gets hives welts before social situations. It happened on her wedding as well as one of her daughter’s graduation days. She has been working on slowing down her breathing, gaining perspective about her expectations and replacing negative self-statements with positive ones. It was a true triumph for her when meditation assisted her in being calm before a social gathering Christmas week. The mind and body are so inter-related and the more control you can have over your mind and it’s chatter the better your health will be. Give yourself five minutes each day to reflect on what you have gratitude about and how small some of these problems will seem in three months from now that seem huge at the moment. You can incorporate Stress Reduction Tips into situations with co-workers, family and school. It isn’t just something to do on the meditation cushion but to apply in situations where we notice ourselves tightening up due to anger or disappointment. The same thing is true with a gym workout. When you leave the gym, keep that good feeling inside of yourself. Often we feel we need to immediately return to our financial worries, concerns about family tension or another area. Take a longer break and get more familiar with that relaxed feeling inside. Carry that into your reflections and watch if your body tries to tense up again. Then let it relax and keep releasing where in your body you hold the tension.

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4 Responses to “Stress Rash: Anxiety and Nervousness Can Cause Rashes”

  1. My sister gets a stress rash before exams at school. It is definitely psychological. That is the only time she gets them.

  2. When I had problems with my son in middle school I broke out in a stress rash around my waist area. I know it was from anxiety because it also happened to me at my first job when my boss criticized me more than others in our office.

  3. I also get it, I use to have anxiety attacks year ago, but I got that under control, for many years. Now I am older and wiser, but I still get anxiety sometimes, and now I don’t have anxiety attacks, but I do notice, when I am extremely irritated I get itchy, on my legs or arms, and then I scratched of course and these little bumps appear. Went to the Dr. and sure enough he said it could be stress related as eczema can be to, believe it or not stress is a FUNNY THING. I also believe I have some hormonal things going on, due to the fact that I am going onto, 35 and my Mother had early onset of menopause, so I suspect I will too! I do notice that when I tend to not get enough sleep, and don’t eat right… anxiety gets to me, and then I do tend to get dryer skin in the winter time. So yes it is possible that stress can really make us more miserable then the actual issue that is causing the anxiety it’s self. Nice, how our wonderful stress can cause us to make ourselves so miserable, the old saying sometimes we remain in locked in chains, never realizing we hold the key ourselves!

  4. I have the same problem Janet and I am in menopause started when I was 35. The bumps and rash that you get what do you use to ease the itching? If anyone can answer this please let me know…

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