Skin Tags On The Body

skin tag pictureA skin tag is essentially a piece of soft skin that hangs from a certain part of the body. These skin tags can appear on almost any part of the body; however they are typically seen in the groin, neck, upper chest, back, armpit area, as well as under breasts with women. Although they can appear to be alarming to some, they are generally benign and harmless. Their non-cancerous nature does not demand treatment, though someone with a skin tag will want to take all the necessary precautions to prevent infection or anything else which could lead to health complications.

Rubbing or scratching the skin tags over and over can result in negative health effects, even though these growths on the skin are not inherently dangerous. Sometimes those who have skin tags irritate them simply by wearing certain types of clothes which are made out of materials that tend to aggravate them to the point of bleeding and open up. They may even burst from the pressure being put on them. It is a bad idea to shave or wear jewelry if you have a skin tag in that area of your body, simply because doing these things could lead to irritation.

What Are Skin Tags

The skin tags themselves are comprised mostly of nerve cells, ducts, fat cells, and fibers which cover the surface of the skin on a certain area of the body. There are actually some people who are more vulnerable to developing skin tags than others, especially those who are overweight or obese. Most dermatologists claim that both men and women are equally susceptible to skin tags and that there is not one gender that is more vulnerable than another.

Although it is true that sometimes people rub off skin tags without even realizing it, most of the time they do not simply come off. Most of the time skin tags form on the fibrovascular tissue and there are many theories as to what causes them in the first place. One factor which could contribute to a person developing a skin tag is obesity. Studies have shown that pregnant women are slightly more vulnerable to skin tags than other people, most likely because of the excessive amount of hormones in the body which are secreted during pregnancy. If you think that you could have a skin tag, it is important to have it evaluated by a dermatologist as soon as possible. People can also confuse skin tags with moles and it is a good idea to have any skin abnormality reviewed by a physician.

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3 Responses to “Skin Tags On The Body”

  1. Is it ok if you don’t want to remove skin tags?

  2. I don’t know if it’s just me but I want to pull at those rubbery skin tags when I see someone with them! I guess that is not a good idea. I also urge people to see a dermatologist for any moles on their body to have it checked out for possible skin cancer.

  3. I saw my dermatologist who said the growths on my skin weren’t moles but similar to barnacles. I think the technical term is seborrheic keratosis. I had always thought they were moles. He did not spray them and said I need to return in a year.

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