Ringworm Treatment - Is There A Cure for Ringworm

When we hear the ringworm, we associate it with a parasite or a worm.
However, ringworm is a fungus infection. Fungus infections grow due
to moisture and humidity. It is the same as athelete’s foot and jock itch
except it’s on the body. Some people catch it from animals and you can also
pick it up from others if you are involved in contact sports or close contct.
Locker rooms can be a place to pick up athlete’s foot. Try to avoid sharing
items and towels. Also  try to avoid excessive sweating and wearing lots of layers that can create perspiration.

Ringworm can be a circular spot. It is called tinea corposis. It may be
scaly on the edge of circle and some people get itching as a symptom.
There are similarities to some forms of eczema, such as nummular eczema sogetting it diagnosed properly is important.
Keep your eye on your pets to see if they have skin issues as ringworm can
be spread. Teens share clothing a lot and this could be a danger for spreading skin problems such as ringworm or scabies if someone is infected.

Lomatrin and tinactin are commonly used anti=fungal cream used as a treatment for ringworm. and can be found over the counter. The treatment can take a month so don’t  give up. For larger areas, antibiotics may be prescribed such as diffucan or nizoral. Be aware that if you are taking something for gerd or ulcers, that it may be difficult to absorb the antibiotic.

It’s important to treat ringworm because if left untreated, it can both
spread as well as get infected due to blisters forming, requiring an antibiotics. Plus it is contagious so it’s best to not ignore it. If there is ringworm in the scalp, taking care of it is important as it can cause hair loss. Check your toe nails as well as your kids’ toe nails to see if the tips are thicker or discolored. Cut nails on hands and feet to prevent picking up pathogens. The anti-fungals work well so don’t give up even though you may get a recurrence.

Holistic practitioners recommend boosting the immune system with astragalus and ecchinachae as well as healthy oils such as omega 3 and 6.

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3 Responses to “Ringworm Treatment - Is There A Cure for Ringworm”

  1. Nail Fungus can be embarrassing, especially during warmer weather when bare feet and open-toed shoes arethe norm

  2. I found that ring worms in kids is usually contracted from the sand pit at school.Make sure that the sand pit at your kids schools is regularly replaced and treated for this.

  3. There is a stigma kids feel with ringworm skin issues. I saw it in my 12 year old last year. She felt dirty and scared kids would laugh at her in school.

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