Review of Beat Eczema: Eliminate Eczema in As Little As 10 Days

Eczema Book Review

Eczema Book Review

A book had been recommended to me by a few readers of this blog for their own eczema issues, so I decided to check it out here Beat Eczema . The page didn’t have lots of information and seemed to have a strong selling aspect to it. It didn’t look too professional but I’m not someone that tends to care about appearances. Still I wanted to make sure there was a money back guarantee and in fact there is a 60 day one. The website did describe the dilemma of using various creams and antihistamines for relief but not getting at the root cause. Recurrences are common for eczema sufferers and the constant question of which foods, which environmental factors and other possible causes is always there.

Okay, after seeing that there is a money back guarantee and that the author, Susan Clark, seemed to understand the predicament of temporary relief wearing off I decided to get it. I had used cortisone creams on my skin for 3 months as well as prednisone, benadryl internally, sarna for itching etc etc and don’t want to resort to these in future. For now, actually my eczema rash has not flared up but I know from friends and clients that have atopic eczema and contact dermatitis that this can occur again. I do take a lot of supplements now and moisturize plus the hot weather has gone down but since I don’t know what caused it, I don’t feel at peace on this whole situation.

The guide has an emphasis on proper nutrition. If you are someone that can’t live without tons of sugar, transfatty acids and cheese burgers this may not be for you. BUT, the recipes look good. The relation of the immune system and foods is discussed as well as supplements. I am going to cut back on my supplements and use the ones recommended by Susan since I am probably taking unnecessary ones. For some people it may be that just slight food modifications along with the supplements discussed will do the trick.

The ebook is downloaded and it is read on the computer (and can be printed out. Some of the recommended oils to take internally in capsule form I wasn’t familiar with so I am going to look into these. For kids that may be resistant to dietary changes, there are alternatives given and I think this is important since kids are kids and don’t want to be different than their friends at all. There is also a natural skin wash recipe that is given which I am going to make as I’ve always liked herbs but wasn’t sure how to do it myself.

The only con I have about the ebook is that there wasn’t that much of an analysis of external factors that can cause allergies . But I think the premise is that by building up the immune system by proper nutrition, one is stronger in relation to environmental factors that can cause reactions. There is some advice about flooring and kids that is useful and I wasn’t aware of.

I am not someone that likes to put chemicals in my body and eat processed foods so this approach makes sense to me and when I notice future patches or red itchy spots I will test it fully. You can read more here on How to Cure Eczema-Click Here

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4 Responses to “Review of Beat Eczema: Eliminate Eczema in As Little As 10 Days”

  1. My mom has bad eczema so I will check this out for her. She eats junk food and doesn’t drink much water. But she is ready to make some changes because the ecsema itching is driving her nuts and her red blotchy skin is making her sleep really bad.

  2. I don’t want to give my daughter more cortisone ointments. She seems to have dry skin eczema. The eczema medication she used to use seemed to help some red spots but not others. My wife and I want a natural approach to eczema skin.


  3. I also think eczema is diet related. I was astonished last year that the condition cleared up on my hands and it did not return for months. But then it came back with a veangeance.

    What did I do differently???
    I think it was because I cut out dairy [milk/cheese] out of my diet altogether. It was an unconscious decision on my part and I ate more green leafy veggies to compensate for the lack of calcium… And I drank at least one cup of green tea a day….

    Now that I’m back on dairy I know I have to cut it out completely–which is hard, I am now addicted to soft cheeses. I do know I am sick of using creams and lotions. Plus, topical steroids thin the skin permanently!

  4. you sont have to eliminate dairy…raw milk from goat or cow is usally ok. its the pasturized dairy that caues the eczema because pasturizing it kills billions of friendly bacteria and dead bacteria causes all the problems..make your own butter..cheese from raw milk

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