Rashes From Hotels - Learn About The Horrors You Can Bring Home

Rashes from hotels are becoming more and more common as international travel from all over the world is an everyday event. Within the US, domestic fares are also reasonable which makes travel much more popular. However, if you are not careful, there is more than souvenirs that can be brought home with you if you are not observant.

Here are two common bugs that cause rashes that can be picked up during one’s travel from hotels.


Scabies are microscopic and are mites that burrow under the skin. The allergic reaction to them can result in extreme itching sensations and a marked rash. It may not show up for weeks after your trip. They can be treated with a prescription pesticide lotion you get from your physician. The mites are contagious so everyone in the home should also be treated, even if no symptoms are showing yet once one person in the home is positively diagnosed with scabies. Though seeing scabies pictures of rashes on the net can be frightening, using the permethrin prescription cream will eradicate the problem.

Wash everything worn as well as the sheets and towels in very hot water and dry on high heat. If there are items you can’t wash, then put them in a plastic bag in order to suffocate them over the course of a week or two. These are parasites so it’s important to stop their reproduction. It can be very frustrating as they can’t be seen and are insanely itchy.

Bed Bugs- Oh No!

A bed bug has to do is crawl out from its dark hiding spot, and bite you while you are asleep.
Once bitten, the bed bugs transfer blood out, and their saliva in. The reason why is because it as an anesthetic compound in its saliva that allows it to feed without notice. However, anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks later these welts will start to form that are very itchy, and out of instinct you will begin to scratch.

Once this rash develops it will look like a tiny pimple or even a mosquito bite, will become very red, and be very itchy. Well, I am sorry to say, but you now of a bed bug rash. Scratching it will not help, but will allow it to become worse by way of potential infection.

The most common place for this type of rash to occur is on your legs, or in any unclothed area of your body, that is exposed at time of infestation. Another word of caution is that you will most likely bring these pest home with you, even a few can eventually multiply into a large number.

Getting bed bug rashes from hotels is now often in the news, and is actually on the rise and not decline. There is no safe way of totally protecting yourself, except doing your own investigation of any hotel you might be staying in. And not even that can fully protect you. Just be warned, if you do stay in a hotel now, even a high class one, you stand a chance of getting infected, and sometimes, you might not even know it until it is too late. Alert your landlord or call pest control as this problem needs to taken care of professionally. Try to do a google search before travelling to see if the city you are travelling to or even specific hotel has comments about problems on the internet. Enjoy your travel, but also keep your eyes open. Check carefully in your luggage before zipping it up to be sure you don’t have a little critter in there like a bed bug, cockroach or ant.

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3 Responses to “Rashes From Hotels - Learn About The Horrors You Can Bring Home”

  1. I always bring hand sanitizer everywhere and that is important on planes too because you don’t know what can be in the seat pockets of airlines or what is in people’s backpacks etc. One of my friends will never even walk barefoot in hotel rooms because her daughter had scabies once and she is terrified of it.

  2. Definitely check your luggage before leaving a hotel. Don’t bring back some insect like a bedbug, scabies or cockroach to your home.

  3. I’ve been in this hotel for three nights now, planning on staying a while due to household construction. Every night, outrageously itchy skin. So much so, that I have scratch marks all over my arms, face, entire body. I’ve stayed in countless hotels due to the nature of my work. This hotel is semi-luxury and near my home.

    I’ve checked for bed bugs. The first night I was so exhausted from my house construction situation, I didn’t realize until morning that I’d scratched the hell out of my skin. I put the little plastic “environmental” sign on the bed, so the maid would know to change the sheets (it instructs to do this if you want new bedding).

    But the next night, at time for bed, I went to crawl into bed, only to find my own pink lint from a pair of sweat pants still between the sheets…. I was horrified, remembering the itchy time I’d had previously, so I wore my sweat pants again to bed to protect my skin. Still, face, body, everything, itchy. I had thoroughly searched for bed bugs, looking up on line for what to look for. I have never encountered this problem before. So itchy!!!

    The next morning I called the manager right away to tell her that the maids had not changed my bedding, even tho I had requested thus, and she sent two maids straight away to change the sheets. That night, last night, upon getting into bed again, again, itchy-itchy-scratchy-scratchy!!! So bad!!! It was late, so I put my sweat pants on to attempt to protect my skin… Then decided I would switch beds. When I pulled down the sheets for the next bed over, I saw hairs and a few balls of lint… Under the sheets of the bed I has not used!! (two queens) Horrified, that it seemed this bedding hadn’t actually been changed before my arrival!!! Either that, or the washing machines may be inefficient. Or cheap detergents.

    I ended up going down to the lobby (also to get some fresh air after being attacked by itchiness), and requested new sheets from desk clerk. It was late, and I was tired. He gave them to me (albeit confused he was at my request), and I brought them to the room, laying them out over the bed I had not yet slept in. I did not use the comforters nor the pillows they provided, yet still had a horribly itchy night!!!

    I’m having to make arrangements for another hotel now, which is such a bother. But I am concerned about this issue. And my skin is uncomfortable and sad.

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