Rash from Sofa Due to Fungicide

Over 1300 people have had a rash reaction from leather sofas manufactured in China. Some people have been hospitalized for a month due to the rash, blisters and burn marks. Pressure is being put on retailers to take back these items. It is believed that the reaction has to do with a substance that called DMF,Dimethyl Fumarate , which is part of the process with acrylics. With the couches, it appears that this substance it was used to prevent mold from forming during transportation and in storage. It was in sachets.

This substance seems to be more of a problem during the hot summer months because when the temperature heats up it gets released. It looks like due to the judge’s ruling (Judge Treacy) the defective product law suit will resolve favorably for the victims. Though manufactured in China , it is in the UK that litigation was filed and where many purchasers live.

Sadly, there hasn’t been a full product recall though refunds seem to be allowed and processed. It looks like at least 10 million £ may be paid to sufferers for these skin reactions. Another hearing will occur in December over this matter.

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  1. I am still stunned by this story!

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