Rash from Gym: What Causes the Itching

rash from gymIf you pick up a rash from the gym, you want to know exactly what it is and whether or not it is serious. Most of the time when you get a rash while at the gym, it is the result of your body sweating, releasing what are called “histamines”, which result in swelling and redness of the skin in certain areas where perspiration is more prevalent. If this is not the case, then it is most likely an allergy to something you are using, whether it is soap or deodorant. A lot of times when people suddenly change the kind of soap, shampoo, or deodorant they use, an allergic reaction can occur. A majority of cases are not severe, and only a small to medium sized rash appears, going away as soon as use of the product stops. It can also be a fungal rash from the locker room which often occurs in high school athletics as well.

People can develop allergies to things that they have used for years, such as personal shower items like soap. Just because you have used the same kind for a few years doesn’t mean that you can’t have an adverse reaction to it eventually. Sometimes cosmetic products have chemicals in them which accumulate in the skin over time, eventually cause an allergic reaction in the form of a rash when the buildup gets to be too much for the body to handle. The simple solution to this problem is to stop using whatever you believe to have caused it in the first place.

While it is always a possibility that you picked something up from another person while in the locker room or when working out, especially if there was physical contact of some sort, may be a simpler explanation. The more common reason is usually that your sweating caused during your workout session. Some people sweat more than others, and that can cause strange reactions to occur on the skin. Having an area on your body that gets irritated when you workout sometimes it probably nothing to be too concerned about, though you may want to have it looked at if it’s recurring.

A lot of times people do not wipe down the machines they use, even after leaving massive traces of their sweat on handle bars and control panels for cardio equipment such as treadmills. If you these machines and do not wipe them down before getting on, then you may be running the risk of catching something from someone who used it previously, and it’s not just a skin rash that can be transferred this way. Certain germs and bacteria can live outside the body for a decent length of time, meaning that just by touching a piece of workout equipment someone used, you can pick up something contagious.

The best thing to do while you are at the gym is to make sure that you take the sanitary approach and wipe down every piece of equipment you use, whether it is weights or a rowing machine. Usually any rash that you catch at the gym won’t be too serious, and it’s usually just a side-effect of sweating a lot. If your body isn’t used to that amount of sweat, you could easily have a reaction which comes in the form of a rash. If the rash doesn’t go away despite your not exercising, you should get it looked at by a physician to confirm it’s nothing serious.

Fungal reactions such as common foot rashes occur and are passed around in many athletic settings. Tinea versicolor can also develop on the back and is common during the summers due to a fungus.

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4 Responses to “Rash from Gym: What Causes the Itching”

  1. My brother plays football and he has picked up athlete’s foot rash. Some other kids on team have weird spots on their bodies and I am not sure if they shower enough. I know that fungus can be caught with close contact in locker rooms and it is moldy there without any windows.

  2. I have to say that the gym I go to has people with very poor hygiene. They sweat up and go from one machine to another and spread the sweat with them. There is a lot of close contact also in the sauna and it seems like a real breeding ground for bacteria and fungus infections.

  3. I saw someone I know in the gym with toe nails that were pretty black. I think that is a sign of some kind of fungus rash or maybe it is athlete foot. It was awkaward trying to keep my distance from him but I know it’s contagious too.

  4. iam affected of this kind of allergy… i try to avoid it by covering my body covered fully when i workout..

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