Pupp Pregnancy Rash-Coping with Pupps

During pregnancy there is a lot to adjust to in terms of one’s hormones, sleep patterns, changes in exercise routines etc but one unexpected surprise for some women is waking up to an itchy red rash. For those who get the pupp pregnancy rash, this usually occurs during the third trimester. Technically it stands for Pruritic Uticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy.

It looks like red welts and can all over your body. The itching is unbearable or many. Of course, sleep already can be hard druing pregnancy so this is a fun addition! It lasts till the baby is delivered so sometimes induced labor is recommeneded for severe cases. It usually around the 35th week but some women will get it earlier. Though it most often will end at time of delivery, for some women it continues. Some studies have shown that those who have pupp have given birth to boys and that it’s and there is male fetal dna in the biopsies of the papules tested.

It is not on face usually and often starts in stretch marks area in the stomach and waist region. Try to not scratch due to the risk of infection as well as possibility of spreading the rash.

According to someone who was itching to death, the antihistamine piritone was very helpful. Taking claritin and pepcid ac has been a relief for some pregnant moms. Others swear by Grandma’s Tar Soap. A dermatologist recommended menthol aqueous cream to one of my client (prescription) and she found relief that way for her pupp rash.

Like other rashes, steroid creams. antihistimaines and anti-itch creams are helpful but due to pregnancy, certain modifications may need to be used. It is best to see a physician to check your own situation. Some find urosadil to be helpful. Do not take hot showers, but use luke warm water for the pupps rash. Some obgyns advised against steroids during pregnancy, but many prescribe them. See what your own obg doctor says.

In terms of natural remedies, a pupps rash forum had a few testimonials for dandelion root which helps to cleanse the liver. This is available at health food stores. Others speak highly of omega 3 flax seed oil capsules. It provides essential fatty acids that may be missing from diet.

Also be sure to rule out other rashes that may be similar such as ICP (which is a liver problem and increase bile salts). This is an itch all over the body and can be damaging to the baby if not treated. Another similar type of rash is due to a thyroid imbalance. It’s important to get the right diagnosis so you can know what remedies will work best.

If it is pupps rash, despite the itching and loss of sleep keep your focus on your love for your baby and the joys you will have together. Itching can be a miserable state so it helps to focus on the larger purpose and meaning of your life.

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153 Responses to “Pupp Pregnancy Rash-Coping with Pupps”

  1. This is Heather, I’m 9 months pregnant and I have had the itchyness of pupps for a few days now. I have tried everything, I have taken baths and used baby oil and lotions and nothing seemed to help me. I have been going on the internet and reading non stop, I found a few good things that help for a little while but what i found to work the best is using a little bit of cornsratch, just rub a few pinches of it on the iritated area’s also a few cups of baking soda in a warm bath.

  2. TRY EMU OIL! This really helped me, along with prayer and support.

  3. Interesting info you provided. My friend who has pupp pimples on her body says it’s the worse rash she ever had. She’s had a shingles rash and poison ivy rashes before so it must be pretty bad.I’ll show you her site but she isn’t really into home remedies.

  4. i am 28 weeks pregnant and started with pupps just over a week ago. at first the rash was very red and angry and very itchy but after many warm baths and lots of aqueous and calamine cream it seems to have eased.

  5. I got this at 37 weeks. My doctor told me to use cortisone cream- that has helped protect my skin from scratches. I take 1 benedryl at night to help with inflammation and decrease the itching that was keeping me up. I tried calomine/caladryl lotion but the cortisone 1% has been way better. Aveeno baths help at night too.
    Good luck!

  6. oh i would certainly have my sister read this, cause she is facing the same thing and start to complain about it yesterday. Thank you for useful information.

  7. I have PUPPS on my lower leg and to say it itches is an understatment. I have found that Oatmeal baths have really helped with the redness, swelling, and itching. I have tried every itching cream you can buy and lotions but so far the Oatmeal bath has been the best. Try it and hopefully it will work for you too.

  8. Does pups rash during pregnancy always stop when you give birth? My friend had a baby but says she’s still got it. I thought it goes away at delivery.

  9. Hi! I have had PUPPPS before, I used everything you can think of! Sorry to the Mother’s that have this, but there is nothing out there not even doctors prescriptions can give you complete relief. Delivery is your only choice. The only thing that would give me at least 3-4 hours of Sleep was GOLD BOND. I highly recommend it. I used cornstarch, baking soda every cream you can imagine, I spent literally 100’s of dollars on all these creams that wouldn’t work. I suggest GOLD BOND, a FAN, and NO CLOTHES…. Good Luck

  10. Im currently 9 months. I started to notice the rash at my 7th month and i first thought i had like bed bugs, because they looked like little bites.. I went into the hospital to get some kind of answer for why my whole body was covered in these gross itchy bumps. The doctor told me i had Pupps. I was like What? Pupps what the heck is that. I had never heard of such a thing until now.

    It only got worse. I had it all over my body my poor legs got the worse of it. I read everything i could about it and tried everything i could. BUT! what really helped and this was my bestfriend… Is GoldBond body lotion “Triple Action Relief for Extra Dry & Itchy Skin” Omg take a nice “WARM” shower (you dont wanna shower with hot water nor do you wanna shower like 10 times a day) That can dry out your skin and make the rash worse. But take a nice warm shower and rub the gold bond all over the rash and it feels so AWESOME!

    It doesnt make it go away but my doctor gave me some steroids a 12 day and it took all of those gross bumps away. and the Gold Bond took the itching away..

    I had it for 1 1/2 months… And thank god its over because i lost some much sleep and i wanted to kill everyone lol..

    Just remember to wash your clothes as much as you can and your sheets. and keep out of the sun!

    I hope this helps someone out there….. :)

  11. I’m currently 33 weeks and this rash has made me so cranky and irritable, i have this cream my grandpa gave me for itchy and dry skin it’s called Uremol and it helps alot i also take benedryl allergy pills at night so i dont wake up itching, but i was wondering if there is anything else that can help other than the usual warm bath and baking soda method…

  12. Ok, I got this darn thing at 5 mo. preg. and now my baby is 3 mo. old and I still have it, luckily it’s not too severe now. During pregnancy it was bad all over my Stomach and behind my legs and butt. Now it’s just behind my legs by my butt. It has gone a way a couple times with Florazone (a homeopathic creme) but when I get stressed I itch and it comes back with a vengence. my midwife told me some women can continue to have it for a while after birth - but does anyone know how long?? I am so done with this.

  13. I got PUPPS at 32 weeks pregnant and my dr thought it was just a heat rash at first. So I was told to take oatmeal baths and use caladryl lotion. The oatmeal baths helped but only for a few hours, same with the lotion. When I went to my appt 2 weeks later, that’s when she figured out I had PUPPS! She prescribed a steroid cream but that didn’t help much, it just kept spreading and it was all over my stomach, down my legs and even covering my back! So I called my Dr and she gave me a prescription for oral steroids and about 5 hours after taking my first dose I had a HUGE relief! The rash was completely gone after just 2 days of steroids. She told me it was safe to take during the 3rd trimester and I am seeing a Perinatologist for my pregnancy, so she knows what she is talking about! The bad thing was after I finished my steroids the itching came back a bit, but no rash. As soon as it hit 90 degrees though I was back to the beginning! So I just started my second round of steroids and I am finally getting some sleep. Thank god I only have 2 more weeks to go!!!

  14. I just delivered my baby boy 7 days ago. You will never believe what happened to me. I only had minor strech marks on my abdomen and hips, as soon as I delivered my son at 2am only a couple hours later i started itching.I didnt think anything of it until a couple days went by and I noticed rash on my arms. I had a major flair up on my abdomen. I ran to my Dr. and she said she had never seen PUPPS in women after delivery. It only happens during pregnancy and can continue on but never has she seen it develope after. Today I am so annoyed because it has spread to my back, legs, arms underarms and god knows were else.I am on my way to the store now for some relief. I have only found that aveeno baths not too many though helps, also soy soap I dont know where you an get it, I only stumbled upon it from my mom who had a friend of a friend give it to her when her psoriasis flars up. we are in the process of doing some resarch to find more. good luck to all of you mommys out there. I will pray for all of you. :-)

  15. I got the rash almost right after my c-section, right where the tape at the incision was. They did not diagnose it as PUPPS because, as someone else mentioned “they never see it in people after deliver”. I have seen pictures that women have posted of their rash and it looks exactly like what I had. I tried ever ointment out there, even prescription strength cortisone ones, but nothing took the itch away. This went on for several weeks. I could barely nurse, I was a wreck for lack of sleep and constant itching. It seemed all I could do was itch, cry and snap at people around me who were trying to find me some remedy. Finally, my OB prescribed me a steriod multi-pack of Prednisone. (Steriods are anti-inflammatory, I wonder if other anti-inflammatory non-prescription meds might work?) It is a treatment that starts full strength and tapers off after 7-10 days (depending on what your doctor decides). MAGIC! After THE FIRST DAY MY ITCHING WAS 90% GONE!. Day two GONE! I kept up the treatment and am happy to say that it never came back.

  16. Hi there. It’s been 10 years since the birth of my last child. I had pupps very bad for both pregnancies, but I continue to get a rash every month as my monthly hormones change. Has anyone else ever noticed this so long after delivery??

  17. I am pregnant at 37 weeks and I happen to have PUPP. I asked all my friends and family and nobody has ever experienced something like this. The rash is spreading around my body and the itchiness is so horrible. I tried Aveeno bath, all OTC creams but nothing seems work. Dr. just perscribed me some oral steroid so will see how it is. I was very worry that this will affect baby but after reading PUPPS online, I feel more ease about it. Thanks for everyone’s comments. It definitely makes me feel better. I know I am not alone in this PUPP’s world :) Online articles state that 70% of women who have PUPP tend to have baby boys, is it true here for everyone? I am expecting a girl. They also say that the rash and itchiness will go away after a week or 2 after delivery. I am crossing my fingers for my itchiness to go away now. It is just so bad.
    Good luck to those who have it.

  18. I got PUPP at 17 weeks and had my entire pregnancy!!! It was the worst case they’d seen. I did not have stretch marks but it started on my back, spreading to legs and arms, like fire ants biting me nonstop. The ONLY thing that helped me was my uncle who is an OB/GYN who suggested taking baths in MILK (it neutralizes the ph of the skin) and an oral steroid dose pack, plus steroid cream and Benadryl. I had to have sonograms every month just to check the placenta, but delivered healthy baby boy - 10 years ago!! The milk was an absolute savior, along with cotton t-shirts and cold bedroom! The fever pitch itching subsided immediately upon delivery, but during ovulation and hormonal surges I get mild itching for a day, but really no issues since then. GOOD LUCK - it is the absolute worst experience and I empathize!!! Did NOT have it with my first pregnancy but that was a girl and I’ve been told it’s usually with boy pregnancies…hmm…

  19. joe f of Jax, FL on August 4th, 2009 at 6:39 am

    My wife, pregnant with twin girls, got PUPP at 37 weeks. She itched like CRAZY and couldn’t sleep. She was taking 2-3 capsules of Dandelion root and drinking Nettles tea, however, what REALLY seemed to totally clear it up and give her some relief was the Dandelion LEAF our friend gave us–she made tea out of it with a french press. I just bought some more (in case it doesn’t cure the rash so much as just suppresses it) at moutain rose herbs dot com, since that’s where our friend got it. My wife steeped and drank the equivalent of probably 4-6 cups a day, starting last Thursday evening and, by Sunday, the rash was gone.

  20. I am going on 20 weeks preg and I think have pupps. I ich all over at night and i have a rash on both of my forearms that is spreading to my hands. It iches sooooooooooooooooo bad. At first I thought it would go away but now that I notice that it’s spreading I am calling my doc in the morning. I am so worried. I get up for work at 4:00am so I need all the sleep I can get but lately it’s been impossible to get in a full nights sleep. Like everyone is saying ” ITS MISERABLE”

  21. My itching started 10 days after giving birth to my son. my obgyn said it was not Pupp because “Pupp only occurs during prgnancy.” So I went to my family doctor and he said he had treated 3 cases of Pupp after delivery and he was sure what I had was Pupp. He prescribed prednisone for 7 days and the itch went away after day two. However 3 days after i finioshed the dosage, the itch came back. Its been two weeks since then and I am still itching. Hot compresses before bed seem to give me enough relief for me to fall asleep.

  22. Hi,

    I too am facing severe itching all over my body and i can see small red bumps also… but in the palms and under my legs, the bumps are colourless and when i itch a colourless sticky liquid comes out of these … :( we met a skin specialist 3 days before and they have taken the skin sample…and we r waiting for the result….the itching is horrible!!!!!!!! and at night , most of the days i get only 2 or 3 hours of sleep…by abt 2 am i will get up due to itching and will continue this process in regular intervals…iching has reduced a bit after applying ELOCON cream… and a tablet for itching but still it is too difficult to manage the itching… hope we can know by next monday whether it is PUPPS or not!!!!!!

  23. I am 32 weeks and as of 8 days ago I noticed a rash under my belly. I thought it was from scratching my stretch marks but I have pretty much maintained my stretch marks with pure natural shea butter. But…because I could never really seen directly under my belly I didn’t know how much damage I was doing to my belly (below the belly button) by scratching periodically during the day. It just felt so good. Soon after I took a nice bath to relieve the pain and I noticed a swarm of bumps on my thighs, behind my legs and knees, and on my behind. So immediately I thought of every reason it was my fault from changing laundry detergent to rushing to public toilet and risking my butt to sit on it and relieve myself. The pain became unbearable and so I called my nurse they told me calamine lotion would help. So I tried that…then cortizone cream 1% and I tried that… from lotions to creams I tried them all. But because my skin is so sensitive it didn’t work.

    I’ve been through something similar a few years ago that lasted at least 5mths .Not warm but cold baths if you can take only. (Don’t force your self, start out warm and work your way to cold) and the usual’s Aveeno, and all sorts of itch creams and oils. I was ok but none significantly made it better.
    I also did a lot of meditating and praying. The pain that P.U.P.P.S brings makes you really search yourself and find Jesus because it is unbearable to suffer it alone. I call out the name of the Lord a lot and breath. I try to make it fun since that will be exactly the things I do when I go into labor. But It’s also a mental thing now of course you have a zillions itchy and scratchy red irritable bumps on your entire body and scratching them may be the next best thing to sex but if you breath and pray, get your mind off of it and focus on the joy the Lord will bring it will be so helpful in the long run. And just know the more you scratch, the more it’ll spread, and the more it spreads the more irritable and annoyed you’ll be. The longer it will take to get rid of. The more money you spend on relieving it. I got 7 wks to go and I will not let anything take away my joy of my first child. Whether I can control it or not. By the way I don’t know what I’m having its going to be a surprise.

  24. i was due on sat and am prego with a girl and have pupps soooo bad! they are on my legs back thighs arms and bottom. I unfortunatly am allergic to steroids so that is out of the question. I have found that taking a warm bath relieves them for a little while but benedryl has helped as well. I just pray that they go away after birth. I pray for all who has this I would much rather deal with the leg cramps then this!

  25. I had a severe case of PUPPs in my first pregnancy, and started to get it again at 31 weeks, but I got rid of it this time, thank heavens! Here is what worked for me:
    1. Do NOT scratch it, under any circumstances. This makes it 10 times worse. Do whatever you can to keep yourelf from scratching.
    2. Cold - ice packs, cold showers, swimming, whatever you can do to cool it down. I think this helped the most.
    3. My doctor prescribed a steroid cream called Clobetasol Propionate. It was already starting to go away from the cold packs, but this finished it off within a couple of days.

    I also switched to a very mild oatmeal body wash instead of my usual soap, but I don’t know how much effect this had.
    Good luck!

  26. I am 36 wks along and have had this rash for two weeks!!! I had never heard of this before until now.I couldn’t believe that nothing was taking this rash away! I was using remedies from other sufferers which helped, at first, to keep the rash down. Soon the PUPPPS rash continued to spread ALL OVER and then it took off with a vengence! I haven’t had a full nights rest since! I was ready for an induction I was sooo miserable and almost insane with the pain this rash was causing me! Today I found some Halobetasol and have some relief at last. Hopefully this will continue to do the trick. Will let you know soon. Good luck, you’re not alone.

  27. To all you ladies who are going through this, I’m so sorry. It really sucks!
    I got it at 38 weeks and was induced at 39. The rash continued to spread and get worse postpartum. All the doctors said it was the worst they’d seen.
    Ice packs and cool showers helped the most, benadryl at night, and when I finally saw a dermatologist she prescribed a potent course of oral steroids which offered major relief. I did have to take several courses as the rash came back (not as severe).
    I had lots of fears about the steroids and benadryl affecting my son both before and after the birth (I breastfed) but no problems.
    Hang in there, it’s miserable but it will go away!

  28. Us Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap and some Sanar lotion after the shower. do this two times a day and you will be so relieved. I got PUPPS at 20 weeks pregnant and with out this i would have never made it!

  29. Can the pups rash still continue after giving birth to the baby? My friend delivered her baby but still has pups itching and rash problems. Will it stop soon? It is on her lower abdomen and she didn’t have it with her first child.

  30. I think I too developed PUPPP, about two weeks after delivering my baby girl. Although its about three months now and it has gotten worst!! Yes, whatever you do, do not scratch. Earlier on, I made the mistake of scratching the itch and it spread all over my thigh and butt. I have yet to see a doctor, though when I inquire to my OB over the phone, she said that its not possible to have PUPPP after pregnancy. Argh! Will consult with a general practitioner and a dermatologist, soon.

  31. I have had this rash since I was about 15 weeks and now I am 29 weeks. It is absolutely driving me NUTS!! It is under my belly my legs my back my breasts and my buttox and the back of my head. So far taking a cool bath and using cold compresses work best. Try not to sleep with the covers on and turn a fan on you at night.Scratching only makes it spread. trust me on that one.and I COMPLETELY sypathize with you.

  32. I have had the PUPPS with both of my girls and since the second I still have ichy lower legs and if i scratch them it is as if i cannot stop just like the rash was any help this last time I found Emu oil to be a help

  33. I can not believe we don’t have some clinical treatment studies and standards of care around what I think is one of the most horrid pregnancy complications a mother-to-be can have. I developed PUPP at 34 weeks which is on my feet, ankles, legs, hips, back, belly, arms, chest and hands. The only thing that is spared is my neck and face. After just coming off of bedrest for 8 weeks and having intense heartburn for the past 12 weeks, I don’t know if I can handle much more of this 3rd trimester discomfort . My OB upon my visit at week 34 weeks dismissed my skin bumps as anything big and let me know it’s ok to take Benedryl. They recommended Benedryl but I took a non drowsy antihistimine instead. It didn’t work. It didn’t get properly diagnosed until I told my OB at week 37 that I HAVE PUPP and we NEED to find some relief for IT after ruling out everything from bed bugs to flea bites and doing my research online. My pharmacist recommended SARNA lotion. It’s brilliant for temporary relief. Here’s what is “sort of” working for me. Oatmeal baths twice a day. I literally rub the oatmeal into my skin. Sarna lotion immediately after. My OB is hesitant to recommend steroids orally or topically however I think I’m a strong candidate. I would think in 15 years or longer of knowing about PUPP we could do more to help out our mom’s. As for not itching I don’t know how to do that. As for praying to God for relief and distraction from the itch, I do that regularly. Nights are the worst. Hope the Sarna lotion and oatmeal bath tip can help. There has to be some anti-imflammatory foods to consider eating as well such as Omega 3’s and fish oil. Good luck.

  34. I am 31 weeks pregnant and have just been diagnosed with PUPP. Like the rest of the people here i have had severe itchiness that started out on my abdomen and spread to my thighs and arms. I suffered with Eczema as a baby and a young child. I wonder if this makes me more prone to it? I am also taking medication for an underactive thyroid. Last week my consultant told me to get Pirton and that i was allowed one at night. I phoned the emergency section of my hospital yesterday in floods of tears after yet another night of sleep deprivation from the intense itch, but there wasn’t much they could do for me. Told me to use Calamine, which had been working for a while but i must be immune to it at this stage as it wasn’t giving me relief, have also tried the bread soda baths- found it stingy, aveeno cream- also burned my skin, sudocream- which in the early stages of the rash provided some relief and vaseline. My GP has prescribed me with a cortisone cream which i can only use sparingly at nighttime. I am starting on that this evening so i hope to god it will ease the itch because i didn’t get a wink of sleep last night and was very tearful again today. I have read back over all the comments on this page and I will be trying out the Dandelion root and the nettle tea as this someone else said this cured their symptoms. It is a horrible side effect of pregnancy and i would love to just fast forward the next 9 to 11 weeks and to (hopefully) be over this ordeal. I take some comfort in the fact that i am not the only one suffering with this. I will try out the cortisone dandelion root and nettle anyway and i will leave another comment if i find a cure.

  35. I am pretty sure I have PUPPP and I had a c-section for my baby boy three weeks ago. I guess its just one of those rare after-delivery types but it is just as bad as what I have heard of the during pregnancy syptoms and looks just the same. It’s awful. Started on my belly and love handles and now it is on the inside of my thighs the worst, and I mean terrible, and is spreading to the tops. I am glad for the comments here because I have been taking unbearably hot showers because I thought the crazy sensation it was giving the rash might be making it better… but alas it has gotten worse. So far I have not seen any relief in the symptoms or spreading.

  36. I’m 35 weeks pregnant and my PUPPS rash started to appear around my 32nd-33rd week of my pregnancy. I have to say, its the most agonizing and miserable experience I’ve ever been through. I tried every cream imaginable but they would only work for a couple of hours & then I was back to itching like crazy. 24 hr Claritin helped reduce the redness and itching but not by very much. Benadryl didnt work for me at all. So I talked to my doctor and they prescribed me an ORAL STEROID and I’m not kidding guys, within a HALF HOUR the horrible rash on my belly started to go away! I took the oral steroids for 6 days (the steroids are not harmful to you or the baby if you’re far along in your pregnancy) and Ive been off them for 2 days now and the rash has not reappeared on my stretch marks. The only thing it didnt cure, for some odd reason, was the rash that had spread to my arms, legs, hips, thighs, and bottom. It actually seemed to get worse in those places. But it was the hives on my stomach that was REALLY bothering me, I thought I was going to go insane from all the itching and inflammation. Thank god the steroids worked on my tummy or I dont know what I would’ve done! ALSO! Cortaid spray (for poison ivy) took away the redness and the bumps! I first applied INTENSIVE HEALING CORTIZONE CREAM and THEN applied the Cortaid spray. It didnt make it go away forever but it took away the itching and redness for most of the day! So LADIES pleaaase talk to your doctor about taking some oral steroids! IT REALLY DOES WORK. I dont know why it didnt work on the rest of my body but it may work differently on you guys - it may take it all away. I have 4 weeks left in my pregnancy and I’m hoping & praying the rest of my rashes will go away after my baby boy is born. I wanted to let every pregnant woman know that the oral steroids worked for me and I seriously hope it works for you guys!!!! I know how miserable this is to go through. I wish you all the best! I hope you find some relief.

  37. I got PUPPs in my 39th week. First I thought it was an allergic reaction to changing shower washes, however, since I only used the wash one time, and the rash proceeded to get considerably worse in the days to come, the doctor once seeing me diagnosed it as PUPPs. Once in the hospital a few days later for delivery, I was told it was the worse case that the hospital had ever seen (always such a nice thing to hear from a hospital!). Before going to the hospital to deliver, I went through 4 large tubes of Cortizone cream, Caladryl lotion, Oatmeal baths, Aveeno lotion, Benedryl, anything I could find that was approved by my doctor to work.

    My rash started on my stomach, and it must have started in the middle of the night because it spread to my entire body except for my face, so from the hair line on the back of my neck to my feet.

    They told me there was nothing they could really do for me until the baby was born. I was then put on 12 days of the steriod Pretnozone, I am about 4 days into it so far, along with Visarill (sp?) to help with the itching. It still unbearably itches, although now instead of looking like bumps all over they seem to have flattened out and turned red and joined together. So some parts of my body now just look like red blotches that is raised from my normal skin.

    Just read that it can last up to 6 weeks after pregnancy, I am praying that it will go away sooner!

  38. I was diagnosed with PUPP at my 20 week appointment. I asked my OB what I could possibly do to relieve this annoying rash that sprouted up about two weeks prior and she seemed to be amazed when she saw what I was talking about. She told me that I had a nasty case of PUPP, but normally that doesn’t come until the 3rd trimester and there really isn’t anything OTC that will help. She said that I could go to a dermatologist, but my best bet would be to take benadryl at night to help me sleep through the itching and clariton during the day.

    I feel for anyone out there just coming into this. Nothing will make it go away completely until delivery!!! I have resorted to Gold Bond Maximum Strenght cream for momentary relief along with the benadryl and clariton. My best results have come with the Gold Bond, loose or no clothing and a fan at night. And above all try (I know it’s very difficult) to not scratch! You’ll just make it spread and you’ll be even more miserable.

  39. My PUPPs literally has taken over my body…the only parts not affected are my face and chest! It’s horrible and the itching is maddening. It’s gotten so bad that I can’t sleep. I haven’t found anything that has helped so far. I’ve tried everything from OTC creams to oatmeal baths to prescription ointments!! *sigh*

  40. I have PUPPS as well. I have had it for about 2-3 weeks now and it is all over my body, the itchiness is terrible. I have tried everything from oatmeal baths, aloe, zyrtec, benydrl, baby powder, hydrocortisone cream 1%, grandpa’s pine tar soap, etc. The best relief is from the pine tar soap and baby powder. However, the rash was so unbearable I would cry myself to sleep as I scrathed all my skin off that I resorted to taking the prednisone that was perscribed to me. I have been on it for 2 days now and started to notice relief, I still itch but it is tolerable at this point compared to how it was. I sympathize with all who are going through this! I still have another 6-7 weeks left I just hope I can make it that long. This rash is worse than anything, it makes you cranky and irritable. I feel bad for my poor husband who tries to show affection to me but I don’t even want him to touch me for fear of itching.

    By the way I am having a girl…

  41. I got PUPP in the 35th week of my pregnancy and it sure was a nightmare to my otherwise smooth pregnancy. Tried several creams and moisturizers but nothing helped. SARNA works to a certain extent.

    There is one home remedy which believe it or not works wonders! A Mix of turmeric, Vitamin E/Coconut oil, and little milk applied to the whole body reduces the itchiness and redness. I felt it also prevented the rash from spreading to some degree. Forget the yellow tainted skin. You can have showers twice to help that. At least you get to sleep peacefully!

  42. I was diagnosed with PUPP just recently but have been dealing with this spreading rash for at least 4 weeks now. It has consumed by stomach, breasts, back, arms, knuckles, genitals and thighs and is spreading still. My Dr. didn’t think it was PUPP at first because I haven’t hit the third trimester yet. I stared out on Lotrimin and Hydrocortisone cream then added Zyrtec and was just to a dermatologist who prescribed a steriod cream for 2 weeks. Nothing takes the intense itching away but I have found relief for a few hours and last night after using the steriod cream and benedryl I slept through the night. I am so grouchy to my husband and 3 other kids, I don’t want anyone touching me, it makes me so sad. I am going to ask about the oral steriods again if this doesn’t get better soon, I was told I wasn’t far enough along to use them but it is such a miserable condition! I don’t see how you can not itch it!! I am going to try some of the suggestions listed here and pray for some relief. I look toward 3 more months of this and think I will go insane first. With all the advances in modern medicine it baffles me there has not been a solution to this problem for expectant mothers. It does help to know others out there are suffering with me.

  43. I had Pupps my entire pregnancy, but the first 8 months it was small patches on my chest and arms that would come and go. I was thankful because I had a friend who had it so bad they induced and hers cleared up about 2 weeks after delivery. In month 8 it appeared on my stretch marks on my stomach and was horrible. 2 days after I had my daughter I noticed an itchy spot on my thigh. Within the week I was covered from the top of my feet to my wrists. I was given Vistaril for the itching and a 7 day steroid treatment which cleared it up. Now my daughter is one month old and it has reappeared on my stretchmarks on my stomach. I recieved a steroid shot today and am praying it works.

  44. I started itching on my belly over my stretch marks 3 days ago. I didn’t know that itching would spread the bumps, but somehow I became itchy on my legs down to my feet, my arms, & my hips. It’s an unbearable itchyness and nothing seems to be working. I have been using Equal brand oatmeal bath every day and that seemed to sooth it a bit but the itch would return an hour later. I have also tried 1% cortizone cream and caladryl lotion and neither have helped. Thank goodness it’s Monday tomorrow and I can call my Dr. She did not diagnose me with PUPPS, but I had to go to the hospital the other day due to intense pelvic pains and the nurse said I had PUPPS and that I needed to tell my Dr. I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and I just don’t know if I can take this any longer. Thank you so much for everyone’s responses, I was beginning to feel alone and weird.

  45. I was diagnosed with PUPPS at 3 months. My OB and all the online groups said you’ll just have to wait it out- and let me tell you I was going out of my mind! Cold showers, ice packs, various lotions. . . No steroids for my baby, thanks! Until I went to a fantastic Naturopathic doctor who ran some tests and realized my body was out of nutritional alignment- I was developing a wheat allergy amongst other things. So before you give up, find a good Naturopath (if you’re in Hawaii Dr. Kesaji saved my life).

  46. I just wanted to tell you that I used the steroid cream on my right side and A+D diaper rash cream and hydrocortizone cream on my left side as an experiment (I thought, what am I going to do when the 2 weeks is up and I can’t use the steroid cream anymore, that is why I tried two different things at once). Well, the A+D side actually cleared up more than the other side. I applied both twice a day. I still have red sores on much of my body but the intense itching is almost gone. I realize I could cycle back into another bad outbreak but the last 2 weeks have been heaven compared to earlier in Nov. when I was going insane. Trying the A+D would be at the top of my list.

    I did have a question. Does anyone have experience with PUPPS and swimming? I am suppose to go swimming with my students in a week and wondered if the water would aggravate the rash or help it clear up. I am finally dealing with it I don’t want to go backward.

  47. So i recently developed PUPPS and its miserable. The rash started out on my stretch marks and now has spread to everywhere but my face.. my arms hands legs and feet have it the worst! I have recently gone to the ER twice to find some type of relief. This is what i found helps if you stick to it religously. Morning- oatmeal bath, steriod pill (prescribed by DR) 50 mg of benedryl, Lorexapam (prescribed for anxiety ) and then coat entire body in hydrocortizone cream. Lunch- another dose of steriods and benedryl and some anti-itch lotion (SARNA), Dinner - another dose of steriod pills and some more lotion. Finally before bed- oatmeal bath, hydrocortizone cream, Lorexapam, Steriod pill, cold fan and no clothes. Also its a good idea to keep a cold wash-cloth beside your bed incase you get the erge to scratch you baby out of you stomach at any point of the night.
    Now most doctors will not prescribe you steriods if your case isnt severe, however mine is! and they do help your rash and help mature the babys lungs!

  48. Hi! I got pups at 30 weeks and my Dr didn’t even know what it was because it started in the inside of my arms, I wanted to cut them off! My friend got it at the same time which was weird because we never heard of it before…hers were on her feet she had to wear flip flops all winter! I finally got a steriod shot at the DR and that seemed to relieve it for about 3 weeks….I totally recommend the shot, you need your rest now!

  49. I had PUPP in both of my pregnancies with my first I felt a lot of itching 3 days before going into labor. I didn’t pay much attention but it started getting worse. After delivery I could barely stand it and nobody had heard of my condition before. As a last resort my son’s pedriatician gave me oral steroids and it worked. My second pregnancy was even worse! The rash came back at 2 months of pregnancy. No diagnosis was ever made the only thing advised to do was to use aveeno (which was the worst thing I tried in my first pregnancy and knew better not to try again. Finally the one who knew was the person who gave me an epidurial! I wish I could remember what he used I do remember he opposed to use steroids it was immediate relief no more than a few minutes. But I hate to report that the rash may never go away completely every now and then I start itching for no reason which scares me if I was to get pregnant it might be really worst a third time.

  50. i’m 25 week pregnant with severe case of PUPP.i’m using steroids and creams.i’m very worried about the side effects on the baby.is there anybody who inspite of using the steroids has given birth to a healthy child?kindly share it with me on my email address.KINDLY…..BE_WITH_ME_HMESHA@YAHOO.IN

  51. 25 week pregnant with severe PUPP.using tappering dose of corticosteroids for 12 days.worried about its side effects on baby.kindly tell if anybody had the same case and resulted in healthy baby.

  52. while in the 6th month of my pregnancy with twin girls i got pupps. the babies will be 6weeks tomorrow and the pupps is still full blown. i have tried meds, lotions, compound cream, antibiotics, benedryl, not using soap perfume and laundry detergent so far nothing had worked. i went to the dermatologists today and were hoping to do a biopsy this week. best of luck ladies i know how it drives you crazy and how depressing it can be.

  53. I guess i am in the rare group who has developed postpartum PUPPP’s .. I gave birth to my son on Thanksgiving Day ( Nov 26th of this year ) and nearly one week after delivery the itch started and within two weeks i was miserable, It started on my left foot and then spread throughout both of my legs and arms .. Im almost 100% positive it is PUPPP’S.
    Im now 5 weeks postpartum and i still have this rash .. Ive tried nearly everything on the market to get rid of the itch including anti-itch creams, allergy meds , diaper rash ointments, oatmeal baths , anti itch lotions etc .. , I went as far as trying yeast infection creams , alcohol in a spray bottle as well as hand sanatizer ( I was desperate ok lol ) ..
    So far the only thing that has given me some amount of relief has been Sarna Lotion , The aveeno oatmeal baths along w/ the aveeno bar soap ( cant remember the exact name off hand but it does contain oatmeal ) along w/ Gold Bond medicated powder.
    I talked to a nurse at my OB’s office and she told me PUPPP’s only occurs during pregnancy and only on the stomach area. I do NOT believe this .. Ive done so much research on PUPPP’S and have found so many women who are suffering from the same itchy rash that i am. I do believe it can happen anytime before or after delivery, during any one of your trimesters whether your pregnant w/ a boy or girl ..
    In my situation my rash did happen to develope after i gave birth to my son who happens to be my third child.
    I think its sad that Dr’s arent listening to their patients and that there isnt more info on the PUPPP’s rash out there.

    Like someone else said calling this a itch is an understatement .. I have woke up and found myself scratching to the point i was bleeding and in tears. I have left bruises on my own legs from scratching so hard. About a week ago i was up at 2:30 am standing in my bath tub w/ my clothes on splashing cold water over my feet and ankles just to get a few mins of relief, it was the next day i went into CVS and found the Sarna Lotion and Aveeno products.
    Basically you have to experiment with products and find whatever will work for you. Even tho i am getting some amount of relief from the Sarna / Aveeno i would like to try the Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap just to see.
    Also there is a website that i heard other fellow PUPPP’s sufferers mention and it is http://www.rainiersoapworks.com/puppp_relief.htm apparently the lady who created this soap had also suffered from PUPPP’s.
    Good Luck Everyone :)

  54. I got pupps rash around 24wks. Started as a small rash on my side which I brushed off as being irritated from my bra. It quickly moved to my breast area. Again thought it was a bra thing! Finally it moved to my stomach. At which time pupps was diagnosed. At first it wasn’t too itchy more sore, but as time went on it spread to my arms, legs, feet, neck, back….everywhere and I wanted to scratch my skin off. My doctor prescribed a cream. Don’t know the name of it(it was just labelled as pupps compound 3) it smelled like vick’s vapour rub and was nothing short of putting acid on my skin. I used it 3 times and each time within an hour I was washing it off. During the christmas season and hosting christmas and not getting much sleep as it was, is when it hit me hardest. Up all night in tears, sleeping naked and holding down my hands to keep myself from scratching( was afraid of scaring). At that time I went on a mission to find some sort of relief. I bought numerous cream, took the advice of people on the internet. Tried everything and anything! After reading that the only relief for this rash was birth, I thought there is no way I can survive until the end of my pregnancy. Like I said, I developed the rash at about 24wks. I found Baby powder would help the itching for a bit along with a Benedry to help me sleep, but only took them when I was really exhausted. I started using Aveeno oatmeal soap, which also helped. And one day I decided to try my husband hand cream( he has extremely dry hands and uses Glysomed hand cream and swears by it). Well within days the rash was clearing up, the itch was going away and by the time I reached 28wks the rash was gone…..completely. Maybe I just lucked out, I don’t know or care. All I do know is that it is gone and I hope it never comes back. So like I said, if you are desperate, and I’m sure you are if you have pupps, by the way, it is a fitting name because you really feel like you have a bad case of fleas or mange! Try the Aveeno soap and Glysomed hand cream. It worked for me and may work for you as well. Good luck.

  55. I just got stretch marks when I hit 38 weeks. Thats when I noticed the itchy red rash all over my belly. I put some of my Lansinoh (nipple cream) on my stomach. It’s used to soothe, heal and protect dry, cracked skin. I know it’s for your nipples, but it help make my rash look a little better and itch a little less. It’s reall greasy, but give it a shot. I have one more week before I will be induced,..so I am hoping this will hold me over until after the baby comes!!

  56. I had PUPPS for my first pregnancy and it was HORRIBLE! It appeared around 34 weeks and lasted until I was finally induced at 38 weeks. AFter trying all kinds of lotions, steriods and OTC allergy medicines, the only thing that would bring relief was keeping cold, wet towels applied to my skin. It really helped relieve the itching, even if only temporary.
    Good luck! I”m praying that I don’t get it again for this baby (keeping fingers crossed at 33 weeks).

  57. I have nine kids–both boys and girls. I never had Pupps until I was 6 months pregnant with twin boys. I thought they were humongous mosquito bites at first (I’m from Minnesota)But it was November and Mosquitos don’t survive our winters. However, I finally realized they were pregnancy related–usually meaning the mother is carrying a male (or two in my case). Never had it with my other boys. The twins are 11 months old now and I’ve had them return twice!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband was the one who first suggested that perhaps it was hormone related and I think he’s right. From what I’ve read above, other women get it again around their time of the month. I was beginning to think it was bed bugs…and they just liked me and not the hubby! I’m glad to learn from other moms that it spreads due to itching…I won’t “go to town” on them anymore!

  58. I had PUPPS with my 3rd pregnancy, starting around 35ish weeks, and it lasted a couple of weeks after delivery, but improved a lot right after delivery. (btw, I had a girl….)

    Now I’m about 16 or 17 weeks into my 4th pregnancy, and although it started on my legs, I am sure I have it again. ARGH!

    PUPPS is the itchiest rash I’ve ever experienced. I haven’t tried all the remedies yet (but with it this early in my pregnancy I will probably try more….) But one thing I found that helps for a while is - believe it or not - diaper creme! (I was desperate last time, and thought - well, if it helps a diaper rash feel better - I’m willing to try it!) I think the one we use is called Sudocreme or something like that - I will need to check - but it is basically a zinc type paste.

    (I know in my previous research I had read that you usually only get it during one pregnancy - but have certainly seen more than enough people leave comments at various places that have it with more than one.

    Sorry if you have it!

  59. this is my second pregnancy & it has been going very well up until the end of my 34th week , I developed a rash on my abdomen went straight to my gyno & was told I had PUPP :( . It started on my stomach & as hard as it was for me not to scratch it , I didnt because I did not want to develop stretch marks . And even know I did not scratch it spread to my legs like in my inner thighs . My gyno told me since ive been on Prednisone ( which is an oral steriod ) through out my whole pregnancy due to another skin problem I have , that there wasnt much He could do but prescribe me a steroid cream , but other than that if that didnt work i was screwed until i gave birth ! So me being mortified & miserable due to the scratching & appearance of my stomach & legs I began doing research & reading blogs & I saw the ” Grandpa’s Tar Soap ” worked wonders so I ran to my nearest GNC & got a bar started using that as well as the steroid cream my gyno prescribed & within 2 days ive seen a MAJOR improvement , I am still coping with it as I speak but it it very ” vague ” , dosen’t itch any more & I believe by tommorrow or the next day will be cleared up . So dont give up hope people go out & get that Soap as well as some sort of steroid cream , I also hear the A&D oitment works wonders also but I Personally havent tryed it simply because i didnt want to use to many products at once . Hope i can be a help to someone else in need . oh & i am pregnant with a babygirl , thats another thing i hear your more likely to deliver boys if you develop PUPP but not necessarily .

  60. Hi, I had PUPPPS badly with my first pregnancy and suffered immensly with it. The only thing that seemed to help was a menthol aqueous cream - had to be specially made up by the chemist but the coolign effect it had helped me actually get soe sleep! Also to add I’ve just had my second and had no sign of it second time round so pelase don’t let it put you off another as it may not happen aagain!

  61. Hi I just wanted to share what I learned about this NASTY rash . . . I have an amazing beautician who seems to know everything there is to know about skin, and she took one look at the itchy red welty rash that had developed on the belly at about 18 weeks and said “that looks fungal”. Now I thought that was pretty interesting, as in all my googling, no one had really seemed to know what type of rash it was, other than some kinda hormonal reaction that could be to do with having a baby boy (yes, mine is a boy too).
    Anyway, I had just had a bout of thrush (yeast infection) which is of course fungal as well, so I started to wonder. Desperate, I grabbed my tube of Canestan cream I had been using to treat thrush, and spread some on the rash. It felt instantly soothing, so I decided to keep it up. Twice a day for the next 8 days or so and OH MY GOD . . . .the rash has TOTALLY disappeared. Ladies, you have to try this! I am surprised no other health professionals seem to have made the link that this is could be a fungal thing.
    Good luck xoxoxo

  62. i am 39 weeks pregnant and i have been dealing with pupps going on 2 weeks now. my doctor started me off on steroid cream which didn’t work so i tried benadryl cream which didn’t work either and then i heard about grandpas pine tar soap. i went and bought some and the smell is absolutely horrible but i was willing to try it anyways…well it didn’t do anything for me. after that my doctor told me to try and go to the tanning bed and that didn’t work. she also prescribed me to an oral steroid pack that lasts for 6 days and my last day to take it is tomorrow and it worked wonders while i was taking alot of it but now that im almost done and i have lowered the doses, im getting it back again. i give up on trying to find something. im just going to have to deal with it until th baby comes! i feel for all of you that have it, it truly is miserable!

  63. I have been told by my midwife that I have pupps. However, I am only 13 weeks pregnant and it does not itch at all. Perhaps I have been mis-diagnosed? ANyone with any thoughts

  64. I just delivered my baby boy last Wed, the 20th (wu hu!) and I still have the stinkin PUPPPS pretty much everywhere but its not as intense as it was when I was pregnant. I tried, Sarna, Calamine, Benadryl, Nipple Lanolin, Oatmeal baths, and Cortizone-10 Ointment. I had the greatest success with the Cortizone-10 ointment because its so greasy. The Benadryl helped me get a little sleep but apparently not much because my husband told me how violently I was scratching in my sleep. When I wake up, I would have new scrapes from digging in my skin so hard.

    I tell you one thing, it seems like more research would be invested in this PUPPPS as it truly is the most miserable thing I have ever experienced in my life thus far. I wonder if its to be compared to the misery Job went through in the bible ! Good fortune with your PUPPS ladies !

  65. I had PUPPS during my last pregnancy and it was nightmare - the rash completely covered arms, legs, hands, feet, buttocks and the front of my torso. Only one thing cured me - Grandpas pine tar soap (check your local health food store). It made the rash dry out within 4 days and flake off within a week. Note - since the soap dries out the skin, the itchiness will get worse before it gets better. But it was so worth it to resolve the rash quickly and WITHOUT steroids.

  66. Im currently 31 weeks 5 days pregnant with a boy. I have had PUPPS since I was 28 weeks..It really does suck like everyone is saying. It started on my stomach and now im covered from head to toe in this rash and I have tried everything from cortizone 10 to 1 benedryl at night which normaly makes me pass out but hasn’t done that lately. I have tried baths in coco butter oil which helps to some extent. I haven’t found a solution as to getting rid of the itching or the bumps but im hoping to find something so I don’t have to go to work in agony from itching. I feel bad for everyone who has to suffer from this and their should be something out their to make us more confortable and make this go away and never come back.

  67. I am pregnant with twins, boys of course, and I am 31 weeks pregnant. I think I may have PUPP because eveythin that describes it, I have the same thing. The only thing is that it is on my arms legs belly and neck, but I am also itching a bit on the sides of my face, and almost everything I have read on PUPP has said that it usually or never occurs on the face. Im thinking that it might still be PUPP because some things bother other women differently. When I was pregnant with my little girl, I did the same thing with her at the end of my pregnancy, but it was just on my belly and my thighs and it was horrible rashes that drove me insane. So thats why I think this is what it is and that I have it again. If anyone knows anything about it possibly occuring on the face a little bit please let me know. Thanks

  68. This is truly maddening. Reading everyones comments has been extremely helpful as I feel like I am going crazy. The itchiness has me so irritable, especially at about 9 p.m. and throughout the night!

    I developed PUPPS at around 35 weeks- not sure of baby sex yet, and I am now 37+ weeks. It started typical, from the stretch marks on my stomach and fortunately has not spread. Once my my midwife told me what it was I have stopped scratching it all together (except the occasional lapse while sleeping) and that seems to be helping to keep it from spreading thus far.

    I’ve been drinking nettle, dandelion root and burdock root tea (from the bulk section at the co-op) throughout the day, applying Vitamin E oil with calendula as needed, and trying to get in a luke warm oatmeal bath at night (just using oats from the bulk section tied in a sock). I’ve also just started acupuncture as some say it may be associated with an over-taxed liver. To make it more affordable, I’m going the “community acupuncture” route so it’s $15/session vs. $60.

    The rash seems to be clearing up with the older stretch marks as the red bumps are now only visable on the newer ones. However, if I scratched the older ones, I’m certain the rash marks would return. So while I’ve found no magic cure, it at least seems to be somewhat controlled. Funny saying controlled when it’s 4 am and I’ve been awake since 1:30.

    Good luck ladies and may you have happy babies soon (or be enjoying your new one albeit the itchiness)!!!

  69. I wrote the previous post and my positive attitude has waned. Eight days further in, it has spread across almost my entire body and am no longer able to control myself from scratching freely- even when on a dose of benedryl. This is misery. I just wrote the midwives a crazed email, I am desperate for relief!

  70. I was diagnosed with pupps in my 32 week. I hate it because its bad enough that my stomach already itches and now this. However mine is only on my belly by my stetch marks. I went to my doctor and he prescribed me with me some medcine and it seems to be working. He just said that we will have to keep a close eye on it.

  71. im 16 weeks and just got pupp and its driving me crazy… the thought of having it till birth is really stressful…
    so far anything cold seems to make me feel better… and trying to not scratch but very hard and frustrating

  72. Hi there. I am 9 weeks post pregnancy and still have this horrible rash! It stayed around my tummy for 6 weeks and then spread everywhere! Its’ on my arms, legs, butt, and back. Nights are horrible-can’t sleep. Going to the dermatologist tomorrow to get it biopsied. I have been taking a steroid cream for about a week and although it helps w/ the itching for a bit-it always comes back w/ a vengeance. I just bought Nettle tea and dandelion root-and am PRAYING that I get some relief.I can’t imagine having this for much longer-it is SO SUCKY! I have never felt so miserable. Thank goodness for my baby girl-she is keeping me going. Hang in there everyone-I hope we all get relief soon!

  73. I am almost 13 weeks pregnant now and my last visit to my MD 2 weeks ago he had diagnosed me with PUPPP. It started under my breast, but by now it has spread. I have it on my shins, back of my knees, inner thighs, belly, back, arms, ellbows and arm pits. It starts even to be on my neck and chest. It truly is driving me insane. Aveeno Oatmeal bath’s seem to help for a little while, and now i am using Aloe Vera Lotion, Eucalyptus Lotion and Aveeno lotion for dry skin. They all just help short time. Please, I can not go on like this for 28 weeks. If anybody has more tips, they are most welcome..

    I am truly sorry for everybody who is suffering from this, and I dont think people (even husbands) cant feel the pain and itch we are goign trough.

  74. Stef - I’m currently suffering with my 3rd pregnancy with PUPPPs. It’s been better this go-round because I’ve learned alot. Get on your dandilion root pills TODAY!! 6 a day. It doesn’t get in your system enough to feel a difference till after aprox 5 days so don’t give up. And the PINE TAR SOAP is very soothing. Drink LOTs of water to flush your system. And it’s crazy to say but DONT SCRATCH as much as possible.. it truly makes it worse and spreads it. Heaven Bless your efforts.

  75. I wrote some earlier posts while in the throws of 3rd tri and I sure was hoping to write again after the delivery saying, “don’t worry everyone- it’ll go away at the birth”. Unfortunately, not so. I ended up taking prednisone but only for 3 days as I stopped when I went into labor. I could feel a bit of itchiness on my belly only the first day after he was born and then it completely subsided for a week. 2.5 weeks postpartum and the rash is back full on, legs, feet and belly mainly. I began taking the dandelion root and apis mellifica at least a week ago, and washing with pine tar, and have now returned to the benadryl and prednisone. I’m freaking out… I don’t know how to manage this with a newborn (an adorable one at least!). My partner returned to work after a week, a friend was in town for the second week but I am on my own now and am not sleeping at all between the pupps and nursing. When will it end?!

  76. Hi there, im 19 weeks pregnant and have this itchy rash all over they think its pupps, this is my 5th pregnancy,it was really bad a few weeks ago and calmed down now but still itch and have red bumps that look like pimples all over but not as bad as it was, ive taking Aveeno oatmeal baths, aveeno itch moisturizer, benadryl, nothing seems to help, its driving me crazy! Does any one know of anything else that would work???

  77. i had pupps for a total of 9 weeks, i got it at week 34 and it raged til 4 weeks after i had my daughter. OMG i cant even even explain how bad it was i thought i was going to rip my skin off i still have scars all over my arms like chicken pox. i am now 16 weeks pregnant with twins and you wouldnt believe it, but it’s BACK. and i’m only 16 weeks!!!!! i have no idea what im going to do i was on prescription pills and creams for weeks with this last time and it started 4 months LATER than it did this time. i have a drs appt in a week, thank god i have pills left from last time and it wasnt too long ago. i thought i might have relief until closer to my due date but 16 weeks??

  78. I had PUPPP’s when I had my first daughter. It was horrible. Nothing would stop the itching. I also tried everything. The only thing that gave me some relief was wearing shorts in Oct. and walking. The air seemed to help.

    After trying so many different things my doctor gave me a topical steroid. That didn’t even help. I finally had to go to a oral steroid. That finally helped it go away.

  79. I had PUPPP’s when I had my first boy in 2007. I did not know what it was. I felt normal until the end of my pregnancy. The itchiness was horrible!!! I did not try any remedies at all. It looked like red little bumps/pimples all over !! It did not go away until I gave birth.. Today my stomach looks really really bad with scars and stretch marks. :( I was wondering If I’m the only one with this problem and If I wanted to get pregnant again, can I get PUPP’S!!!

    My email IsabellN2009@yahoo.com

  80. I’m glad that some of you have found relief. I have it on my legs, arms, stomach, back, buttocks and it’s on my ankles today. I am on oral steroids and vistaril. The vistaril helps me sleep so I am thankful for that. I have tried Everything else and all I can say is staying moisturized helps soothe the itch. I’d rather have the chicken pox again. Good luck to you all.

  81. I started with small pimple itchy bumps on my lower arms and it rapidly has spread all over my arms, hands, and my entire legs. It started at 34 weeks and I am now 37 weeks and miserable. I have tried almost everything that people have recommended…Aveeno oatmeal body wash and lotions, warm baths, Gold Bond lotion, Calamine Lotion, Hydrocortisone Cream, Benadrly Anti-Itch cream, Pine-Tar Soap, and taking a Benadryl at night to sleep. I just got a Cortisone shot 2 days ago and thought that was my gold ticket because most of the bumps diappeared on my arms. However it all came back last night :~( I have used this Triamcolone (spelling?) steriod creme a few times that was prescribed but very hesitant on continuing to use it due to it being a pregnancy category C. I feel for all of you that are going thru this as well. I can’t wait to deliver my precious baby boy and just pray that he is totally healthy. It will all be worth it. Good luck to everyone with PUPPPS

  82. This worked for me 100% - pepcid AC 2 times a day. Loratadine 1 time a day. All other remedies failed. This drug combo was amazing in the releif it provided. None of the creams or lotions helped for more than a few minutes. But as soon as I started taking those meds I went to full term with no problem.

    I too have very unsightly scars on my belly from pupps. My belly looks like that of a 100 year old woman. The midwife told me the only thing that could help it is surgury :(

  83. I hate to tell you this but I had PUPPS from about 6 months on ,a nd yes it makes the stretch marks worse, and yes NOTHING I MEAN NOTHING HELPS>>>> I AM SO SORRY FOR EVERYONE WHO IS GOING THROUGH IT RIGHT NOW.. REALLY I’M CRYING FOR YOU…. Now the good news. It goes away the SECOND you have the baby. the SECOND really it is bizarre! until then ladies be soldiers, and take as many ice cold baths baths and read as many good bookas as you can in the wee hours of the night while your husband sleeps soundly in the toom next door… try not to resent him…. but he can make his own dinner for a while :) ps GOLD BOND POWDER HURTS, and too much lotion makes you itch more. I had a lot of practice with 4 months of the stuff, head to toe. oh and they will induce at 39 weeks if you ask without any extra testing. OH AND IF THE MOTHER IN LAW STILL INSISTS ON TICKELIG YOUR BELLY AFTER YOU HAVE TOLD HER THAT IT MAKES TOU ITCH! YOU CAN SLAP HER!!!!!! at least there is one perk HAHA

  84. I had pupps at the end of my third trimester with my daughter. Second trimester with my son, though not too bad. And with my third (don’t know the gender) Pupps began at the end of my first trimester. ICE ICE ICE to stop itching. Use oatmeal soap and on infected areas Grandpa’s Pine Tar soap!!!! My rash is nearly gone! :)

  85. I had PUPPPS at the end of my third trimester with my daughter and i can remember it being VERY itchy and thinking that it would never go away (since it grew by the day)…..no worries ladies, it does go away (it took 2 months to go away completly); My OB told me that my case was the worse that he had seen ever in his practice.

  86. Hey everyone, I just had my daughter in January and I also had PUPPPS (1st pregnancy). I developed it late in my third trimester. I remember it being very itchy and growing by the day….the only thing that helped me was COLD, wither that be cold water or standing in front of the door in the middle of winter …lol….my OB told me that I had the worst case he has ever seen in his practice….don’t fret though, it does go away (2 months after she came out and my hormone level went down it was completely gone) ….. good luck to all =)

  87. I have pretty much eradicated the rash as well. My cure was this (in order of priority):
    -First, cut your nails. If you have to scratch, you will only make it worse.
    -Second, use cold compresses (bag of ice) when you itch so you don’t go insane with itch attacks. I even used splashes of cold water in a pinch.
    -Third, stop using Palmers lotion and choose a hypoallergenic lotion at least twice a day. I used Lubriderm with Shea and Cocoa Butter. However, I think the true remedy came from mixing it with NOW brand double concentrated Vitamin E-oil. It comes in a small bottle with a dropper and it is very gooey. After three days of using it with the lotion, my rash was nearly gone. The oil is also great for healing a c-section incision.
    -Fourth, wash with Granpa’s Pine Tar Soap every day.
    -Fifth, remember that the rash is at its worst for one week so try not to scratch and keep seeking the remedy that works for you because you can beat it!! Good luck!:-) P.S. stay cool, heat makes it worse.

  88. OMG!!! so here i am at 37 weeks pregnant.. just found out that i have high blood sugar and now have pupps… this is my first child ever and with all this shit it makes me feel like i dont ever want to become pregnant again… i am here wondering if there is anything that can help relief the itching… i have tried at least everything… and it doesnt’help at all.. now i am currently using gold bond.. it seems to help alot but i need to know if its safe for my unborn child… anyone who has used gold bond out there while pregnant and have a healthy child please let me know so i can continued to used gold bond my doctors appoinment isn’t until firday and i need to know now so i can continued to used it like crazy.. i am truely sorry for those out there that have pupps i hate it so much and there is nothing that we can do at all…

  89. After reading all responses… I feel so much more normal :p Am beginning to feel I might honestly go insane if I don’t find some relief… 37.5 weeks now, hoping the doctor will induce this week. Will try Gold Bond and some of the other suggestions, and bookmark this page for when I need a sanity check! :)

  90. I am 26 weeks pregnant and I started to get the itching a few days ago, then I saw the red bumps, which quickly spread across my belly the more I itched. Reading these comments have been eye opening but also discouraging since I have 3 more months to go. I don’t have much trouble sleeping but the itching is getting worse and daily I find a couple extra dots on my arms, legs and back now. I agree that ithcing it makes it worse and now I wish I would have known that earlier. I am having a boy so i agree that it is mainly with the male babies. every time I feel itchy I will be praying for the others with this condition. Thankfully i have Kaiser insurance and have been able to email my doctor about the safety of certain remedies since my appointment is a few weeks away. God be with all of the itchy mommas out there. Fight the good fight to not itch. you can do it. Be strong and put some ice on that big belly. :)

  91. Hopefully I can offer some help to the girls out there who have PUPP at the moment. I had it with my first pregnancy in 2007 from 39 weeks until baby (a girl) was 10 days old. I read you’re more likely to get it if you’re having a big baby and she was 11lbs 1oz! I just stuck it out as I had no idea what to take to cure it (and I was breastfeeding) and it was horrendous - it was even under my feet so walking was hard and on my hands so holding her was very sore.

    With my second pregnancy in 2008 it started at 34 weeks so I was desperate for a cure and (after much research online) decided to take a combination of Dandelion root and Flaxseed Oil (Linseed Oil) capsules. IT WORKED!!! After just 2-3 days the itching had stopped. I can’t remember how many capsules I took but I think it was just one of each a day at the same time but you can find this out by Googling it. I can’t recommend you all try this as I’m not a doctor but all I can say is it worked for me and many others out there - much better than merely calming the itch as the rash actually went and I delivered a healthy 9lb 9oz baby boy at full term.

    Good luck it really is an awful thing to have to go through but the baby will be more than worth it in the end!

  92. Oh and I took the capsules every day from 34 weeks until the delivery day incase the rash came back!

  93. hello, I also have pupps, its the worse rash you can imagine. all i want to do is cry cause its so bad, I am 39 weeks and have had pupps for the last 4 months. Started on my tummy, then to my feet, then know i have it on my legs and its starting on my arms. I have had enough gone to the doctors gone to the hospital and no one can do anything about it. I have been taking Benedry for a while know and it doesn’t really help that much, but lets me sleep at least 2-3 hours a night, I just started using reactine and thats not helping that much either, i use aveno itchy cream and take a lot of cold showers, i find that the warmer the water is the more itcher i get. I am at my wits end and cannot take it anymore, the only relief i have if i scratch it till it bleeds and then the itching goes away. seeing my doctor on tuesday and i hope they will induce me, i honestly cant take the itching anymore.
    I wouldn’t wish this rash apun my worse enemy..

  94. Hello (:
    I have a severe case of what my doctor thinks is PUPP. But the thing is, I’m only 7 WEEKS pregnant. I’ve had the rash for about 5 weeks. It started on left wrist then to my right wrist and then it spread to my upper thighs but nowhere in between. I don’t know if it really is PUPP but she showed me pictures and it seemed to be the same thing. I’m afraid, by reading all of your stories, that I’ll have this rash my entire pregnancy. It’s a horror story!

  95. Hello Maria
    Im currently 11 weeks pregnent, and i have this rash to what i think is PUPP, its all over my body, besides face and neck, i have scabs everywhere, and the itch is unbearable

  96. Hi there, I have had puups since i was 35 weeks pregnant, i couldnt sleep as it was so so sore and it itched constantly and nothing worked. I phoned my midwife crying my eyes out and begged them for a sweep the day before my due date and this has taken it away! All you ladies going through this i feel so sorry for you, please ask your midwife to carry out a sweep as soon as its possible as it releases the hormone required to make the rash go away. I had my sweep less than a week ago and the rash has almost gone (just a little bit left on my legs)
    Also i dont know if this is connected but i was also eating a lot of chocolate and i have stopped this and i think it may have helped too. xxx

  97. Ladies! I had PUPPS since 34 weeks. I gave birth to a healthy boy. One day I woke up with a minor rash in my legs (which I thought that was nothing out of the ordinary) 2 days passed and the itchiness was already driving me crazy! I will cry at night. I try various things but only 2 things did the trick (not totally, but at least I was able to survive) 1. Cream called ZARNA (A MIRACLE!) 2. Steroids given by doctor (prednisolone) . I did not want to tale steroids but I had to, other wise I wouldn’t survive. As far as the cream… do not abuse. The cream is made of menthol so it gives you chills after a sew seconds (i used to shake!) I used to take Aveno baths and relax thinking of something else…. DO NBOT SCRATCH! I will make my self bleed and I still have scars! My doctor told me that during his 25 years career I was the only person that had the PUPPS so severe! and then miracle came: i gave birth and within that same week my itchiness disappear and the red halves did too! :) so good luck!

  98. Hey mommies!!! I am hear to tell that PUPPS is no joke!! I had it with my first pregnancy and it was the worst itch ive ever had to scratch. Mine started at 17 weeks. I did nothin but cry and take Oatmeal baths. Nothing at all worked for me so im not here to tell u what will. But once i gave birth i had alot of relief. Thank u Jesus!! it lasted about a month after birth and it was completely gone!!! All i can really say is God bless all of u that r goin thru this!!! 4real cause it is not game!!!

  99. When I had PUPPS with my first pregnancy, the hardest part was after the pregnancy. I still had it for two or three weeks and I would scratch in my sleep. My husband would put oven mitts on my hands after i fell asleep so i didnt spread the rash!

  100. Hi everyone… have taken PUPPPS a couple of days after my baby girl..yes girl was born!!! This is the last thing that i needed and its driving me completely crazy!!! I am breastfeeding my daughter…can this b harmful to my baby????? HELP!!!!!

  101. coconut oil has helped me a lot, it made it almost unvisable and a lot less itchy..

  102. Hi Ladies!
    I had my baby girl three and a half months ago and have just yesterday developed a really itchy rash on my tummy, sides and upper thighs… it is small little red spots, not unlike a bite…. I had a c-section.
    Is it possible to have PUPPP’s after three and a half months of giving birth?
    If that is what it is - Is it contagious? Should I worry about my little girl?

  103. Had it at 40 weeks with my first daughter. Lasted about a month and was excruciating. Doctors and midwife were hopeless, knew nothing about it and finally found one who gave me oral steroids which cleared it in a week. If you take a low dose w=you can continue to breastfeed.

    Now at week 34/5 with my second (another girl) and it is back again. I am in despiar as the thought of having weeks of this before the birth is too awful to contemplate. The worst rash of my life and so irritating and debilitating on top of everything else in pregnancy. It ruined the first few weeks with my daughter.

    Am taking Dandelion Root tablets and using Caneston cream on the rash on my stomach. Hasn’t spread yet but afraid that it will. Told my midwife (20 years experience and never heard of it!). Am going to try and get a doctor’s appt this week and see what they will do. Really need oral steroids again but doubt they will agree being still pregnant. Have craved chocolate terribly this pregnancy so trying to cut out sugar as much as possible to see if it makes a difference. Wondered if it might be linked to Raspberry leaf tea as had started taking this when it came on?

  104. I am currently pregnant with twins and was suffering from PUPPS until my doctor prescribed cholestramine. I believe that’s how you spell it but newho it worked miracles for me. The itching is still there but very minimal and about 90% of my rash cleared up within a week and a half. I recommend talking to your OBGYN about this medication. It doesn’t taste good but anything to help stop the horrible itching will do. I hope this is of help to someone.

  105. Hi,I know waht your going through i am now 28 weeks pregnant and have had pupps now for 2 months.I tried every single thing over the ocunter you can think of and NOTHING helped me at all.Mine was so bad i had seen 2 dermatologist and both said the same thing that it won’t go away until the baby is born and that my case was so severe i need to be on oral steroids and shots of steroids and i need to be seen until the baby is born.My ob-gyn does not think my diagnosis is correct because she said my rash is the worse rash she has ever seen so severe that she said it don’t even look like pupps.I am on my way to see my 3rd Dermatologist tomorrow to see what he says and if he says it is pupps to and my ob-gyn argues it then i am switching ob’s because she is not listening to anhy of the specialist but yet she is doing nothing to try to figure it out her self.I have been up many nights crying because i itch so bad and waking up early morning with my two year old with very little sleep.I have noticed the steroids are helping.I itch less and the lesions i had from scratching so much are closing.I know steroids is scaary during pregnancy but trust me when i say it’s the only thing that works and your doctor will weigh out the befits vs the risks in my case it benefits me more to be on it then to not be on it.Good luck to you and stay cool keep the heat off and the air running even if it is already cold because heat will make you itch like crazy!

  106. You gotta’ try Burt’s bees, baby ointment !!!!
    yes yes… the diaper cream !!!
    it’s the ONLY THING that gave me a huge relief from this crazyyyy rash !!!!!!!!!! it didn’t go away (i’m 39 weeks now) but the itchiness is soooooooo much better now…….
    thank god for Burt’s bees ! it saved me !

  107. im was pregnant 9 month now, my stomach just getting redness rash …..how can i reduce it….what should i need to apply it….

  108. Hello to my fellow PUPPs sufferers! I think finally I have an answer to my problem with PUPPS. The rash started when I was around 7 months pregnant on the front on my neck. Fortunately, I worked for a health clinic that has dermatology department. The doctor was unsure of what it was but speculated that it might be PUPPS. She wanted to do a biopsy but I was already miserable without wanting to have a permanent scar. Anyway, I still have PUPPS after 3 years. It has spread to my legs, buttocks, back, back of neck. I was given Triamcinolone acetonide 0.1% which is considered a potent corticosteroid topical cream. Next appointment, I am definitely asking for the oral corticosteroids because this is miserable!!!

  109. OMG! I’ve got PUPPS. Im only 6 wks. I’m feeling so hopeless and helpless. I cant imagine having this for 34 more weeks! Its all ready covering half my body. Ive tried every lotion potion… and trying all the ones suggested on this these posts. I’m real curious about doing a study… like could we link this to something…. Maybe we’ve become allergic to something due to pregnancy… kinda like we become intolerant to some foods due to pregnancy. Theres gotta be a reason why…. Did you ladies have other pregnancy symptoms? Ive had 2 other pregnancies with all the crazy sicknesses… felt like crapola. This pregnancy has been oddly bliss full. Zero symptoms… yes ZERO! Im so baffled I would take all the other symptoms over PUPPS. I can speak from experience. This is by far the most uncomfortable thing ever! If anyone has any info, please help.

  110. I had PUPPS with my first pregnancy and it lasted for nearly 8 weeks. I was miserable. Thinking it was only associated with having a MALE child, I thought nothing of it when I got pregnant with a girl. At 36 weeks pregnant with a girl my PUPPS returned.

    It isn’t as intense as with my son but it’s still extremely annoying and in some cases painful.

    Telling someone not to scratch is ridiculous - let’s face it, we all will, but try to keep it to a minimum. Oatmeal baths, followed by creams and the occasional Benedryl (always ask your Dr.) work with mixed results. (I never tried the teas.) Nothing but time will heal this rash.

    Mine tended to ease up after birth but I recall having it for awhile as I nursed my son. I am NOT A DR. but if I had to add my 2 cents - If you have sensitive skin, your hormone levels are high (regardless of the sex of your baby), you take hot showers and you are a “scratcher” - expect them for awhile but know they don’t last forever. This is just another JOY of motherhood and not nearly as miserable as when they become teenagers.

  111. Okay, so I read this forum and tried everything here!!! Nothing worked.. my doctor advised they RARELY prescribe an oral steroid because it suppresses the adrenal glands etc. etc….. so I was down to only being able to sleep about an hour before waking up with burning itch everywhere… this rash was on my legs arms and butt!!! After trying oatmeal baths, .5% and 1% steroid creams, sarna lotion, gold bond, herbal creams, and NOTHING working I was just about ready to murder somone!!
    I then decided to try my Dad’s old home remedy… Castor Oil (not to ingest and make the baby come early… although if I’m late.. I may consider that too!) I started rubbing the oil all over my rash… immediately the itch went away… the first night I was back to four hours of sleep at time:)!! I have been using it for three days… the rash is not as red and bumpy… it is starting to clear up, and looks more purplish like healing skin!!! I slept for 6 consecutive hours last night.. and woke up to Pee not to ITCH!!!! Yeah!! Thank you god.. and THANK YOU DADDY!! (he reminded me of the dad from my big fat greek wedding with the windex, cure all… but don’t right this one off ladies!!) I saw my doctor after using this for 24 hours… she is going to tell her other patients to try it… spread the word ladies…. so easy and not that expensive…. home remedy with no risks! I am 37 weeks, have had this since 34 and could not IMAGINE living with it until 40 if I hadn’t started using Castor Oil. You can find it at any health food store. Good Luck!!

  112. I am 35 weeks and PUPPS has really kicked into high gear over the last week or so. I have found that Curel Itch Defense Lotion and Sarna Anti-Itching lotion work great. A Benadryl at night helps relieve some of the tingles of itching so I can sleep!

  113. I just found out I am prego it sound ands looks like puppp but idk I went 2 the hospital and that’s what they said it was but I really don’t kno be cuz its on my feet feels like my head and some looks like hives ? It sucks so much ! Idk what ima do

  114. helloo,i am SO glad to know i am not alone!
    I am 27 weeks pregnant with a baby GIRL on the way in april.
    ive had this rash that started on my stretch marks on my hips then worked their way down to my inner thighs,back thighs and buttox.
    This has kept me up on and off all night scratching and most likely spreading the rash..
    I’ve had the rash for about a week or so now..and my OB told me to take Benadryl so i can sleep at night and try Calamine lotion.
    But after doing my own reasearch and reading over SEVERAL fourms about this..
    I think im going to try Nettle Tea,grandpas pinetar soap and gold bond triple action lotion for itching and dry skin.I am going to consult my doctor about the oral steroids on my next appt when he can actually take a look at it.
    I have only tried Cortisone cream which doesnt help for long at all…maybe 5 minutes?
    I really hope i can find some relief in the gold bond and pine tar soap!!!!
    thank you all so much for your stories and advice..
    and good luck to any other mothers out there suffering as well!!!
    i will surely write back and let you all know how the gold bond triple action and pine tar soap work!

  115. So i went an invested in some pine tar soap and gold bond triple action lotion in the green bottle for dry and itchy skin..and oh my god..
    i can tell you that taking a shower..washing with the pine tar then moisturizing my body with the gold bond..surely has taken away SO much of my itch…
    the gold bond has menthol on it which gives you the chills for a good 5 or 10 minutes but its sooo worth itt..i havent really noticed any changes in the rash itself..because its only been 2 days since ive been using.but i feel alot better not digging all the time..
    i HIGHLY suggest Gold Bond Triple Action Lotion for Dry and Itchy Skin
    along with the pine tar soap 3 times a day..itll give you SO MUCH RELIEF!!!

  116. I had this with my first pregnancy and i agree, it’s horrible. Please, go to a health food type store or online and buy GRANDPA’S PINE TAR SOAP!!!!! This is the only thing that helped me and it’s not going to harm you or the baby. I showered 2-3X/day using this soap and my rash was under control in a couple of days. PLEASE TRY THIS, IT WORKS!!

  117. i dint have any stretch marks yet but about 2 weeks into my third trimester i started getting a rash on my stomach right below my sternum. it looked like heat rash so i treated it like heat rash. it didnt change at all for about 3 weeks so i brought it up at my prenatal visit. they said it was a contact yeast rash and told me to mix spray on benedryl and hydrocortisone cream 1%. i did this 3 times daily until my next visit 2 weeks later. instead of getting better it spread all over my belly. then they said it looked like chicken pox and took a blood sample.having already had chicken pox as a child i disagreed so they referred me to another doctor. she thought it was contact dermatitis and prescribed some steroid creams which did nothing and by then it had spread to my chest and back. i went back a week later, saw another doctor who’s first guess was puppp but she had another doctor in the office check it out. she had seen puppp once before and said i didn’t have it. they sent me to a dermatologist who did a biopsy that came back as puppp. the only thing that has worked for me is sarna lotion. im at 37 weeks now and can’t wait for relief from this rash!! my advice is to wear gloves while sleeping to avoid scratching and to use sarna lotion.

  118. I am @ 26 weeks now and I got this rash last week. I have it lightly on my lower belly and worse on my upper thighs. My Dr knew what it was right away and suggested I take benedryl and apply a cortisone cream. I had read on another site before I was able to see the Dr a recommendation for calendula cream and the pine tar soap. I was able to find the calendula cream at Target in the baby section but I had to have my sister get the soap from the city for me. The calendula cream was helping to relieve some of the pain (mine is more painful than itchy but it does itch too) but I tried claradin and cortisone cream after seeing the Dr and it did nothing except allow the rash to get worse and spread. After one day I went back to the calendula cream and it was immediately helping me feel better but it was still slowly spreading. I got my soap last night and I have used it 3 times and am continuing with the cream and it is amazing. After I shower and put on the cream it almost looks like it’s gone but so far after a couple hours I need to put more cream on. I am hoping that with continuing with this regimine it might clear up or at least be minimal. I still have to get to the beginning of May so I’m in for a long haul of this. So those who have it in the late 30’s at least take comfort in that you didn’t get it at 25 weeks! :) it’s amazing how we turn to each to each other in our times of need and its so wonderful that we have these resources because I couldn’t imagine where I would be with the cortisone cream!

  119. I’m a day away from being 37 weeks pregnant. Two nights ago I got an intense itching all over and then noticed little bumps inside my stretch marks above my belly button. Then it started to appear on my arms and tighs so I called my doctor yesterday to inquire what was going on and she believes I have Pupps though she won’t know till she sees it. She told me to try the cortisone cream for relief and it gave me no relief at all the only thing I’ve found relief in is the cold compresses though after viewing this site I’m going to try the pine tar soap and cold showers. Plus of course trying not to itch not that that is likely but I’m going to try to not the best i can. I’m going to the doctor this week so I’m hoping I can figure out if I have Pupps or a different rash but this itching is driving me insane and it has only been two days I can’t believe some women endure this for years I don’t know how they do it I feel like crying all ready. I’ll let you know what happens!

  120. help! i am only 6 weeks pregnant and have tiny red bumps, so itchy i cant take it

  121. I feel for you ladies bigtime!! I got PUPPS when I was about 7 Months pregnant. My baby is now almost 7 months old and I still have it!! :S It’s nowhere near as bad as before but I have a small section of it that has been there for months and months and just will not go away :S I’m thinking it may go away when I stop breastfeeding though.. hopefully!! Its driving me mad!!

  122. So im not sure i have PUPPS but just by looking at the pictures on websites, i am pretty sure!! Ok ladies i hate to say this, but my daughter is 4 YEARS OLD!!! and i have had this thing for a loong time now and its just starting to get really bad on my stomach and thighs. I need some advice!

  123. I am almost at 36 weeks and just developed the raised itchy stretch marks and onset of the bumps on my abdomen. Has not spread yet, but I am pretty sure I know what is coming. Guess what ladies - lighting strikes twice. This is my second pregnancy and I got postpartum PUPPS 3 weeks after the birth of my son a couple of years ago. It took my doctors a couple of visits to figure out the diagnosis as they had never encountered PUPPs after delivery. It was pure torture for 3 weeks with the rash on my breasts and abdomen. I tried every cream available and gold bond, lots of ice packs and fans were only one things gave some relief. A steroid pack helped clear it up the first time around but even after the steroid the rash and itchiness lingered for a few weeks. We will see what the next few days brings but I am preparing myself for the worst. I was really hoping never to encounter PUPPS in subsequent pregnancies, but here we go again - yuck!!

  124. I had a horrible case of PUPPS from 34 weeks on and in fact have the scars to prove it. But I started taking dandelion root caps 3 at a time 3 times a day and using pine tar soap. It started going away in a week…though it will seem to get worse first…and it was gone before I even had the baby. I wish you all the best as I think it was worse than labor.

  125. I had PUPPS - started 3 weeks before birth, lasted for 2 weeks after. It started on my stretch marks - by the time I gave birth it had spread out to my hands, butt, breats, legs. I had it everywhere. I would lay on my sheet naked and cry. Tried all different creams, but note that I never did take oral steroids for it.

    The one thing that helped me was LIDOCAINE SPRAY. I think it’s used for sunburns, my dr. prescribed me 3 aerosol cans a day. I would stand there naked and slowly twirl around as my husband doused me with the spray. It would numb my skin, making the itch go away. As soon as I was itchy again, he would spray me again and the dr. said this was safe.

    Regardless of what other solutions you try - steroids, creams, lotions, etc. ask for Lidocaine spray to get some immediate (although short term) relief.

  126. I had PUPPS during my first pregnacy. It started at 35 weeks pregnant. It was the absolute worst torture of my life. Nothing can compare to it. I tried EVERYTHING!!!!!! Nothing helped. I carried ice packs everywhere I went because that was the only thing that would help a little bit. I had to take cold baths and showers in the middle of the night because I could not sleep at all!!! It literally went away the day after I had the baby. The itching finally stopped!!!! I didnt know the sex of the baby while I was pregnant but I read that alot of women who get pupps end up having boys……..well……I had a boy. So there may be some truth to that. Anyway….good luck to anybody who has to go through it. It will soon be over!

  127. After reading all this and viewing some photos online, I’m sure I have PUPPS. I am 15 weeks (as of tomorrow) and noticed the first itching & bumps a few days ago on my lower legs. A few are now on my arms and upper legs. Stratching DOES indeed make it worse so I will try my hardest not to stratch any more!!

    This is what I tried, which seemed to help with the itching… Took a warm bath with Burts Buttermilk Bath powder, soaked for about 15 minutes. Patted dry, did not rub then applied a thin layer of A&D ointment to the affected areas. I also took 1 benadryl to help me get some sleep. Slept in light cotton pjs covered in only a sheet with a fan blowing on me.

    So far, so good. I have my next appointment in a week, so I’m hoping these things will keep me sane until then! Good luck to us all ladies!!

  128. I am 31 weeks with my 2nd boy. I have the rash all over except for my face. It started on my ankles two weeks ago, they are now all scabbed. However, it is worse on my stomach which has sudden intolerable burning flare ups.I keep thinking about people with leprosy. I can only stop itching if I continually apply ice packs and devote all my attention to it. I have tried so many creams - I don’t think I can tell which is which at this point. My midwife just says, “You have a rash. It itches. I’m sorry.” I don’t think if you haven’t experienced this you have any idea how bad it is. I sleep for an hour, take a cold shower, slather myself in lotion and try to get another hour sleep. Arnica, applied in quantity, seems to help a bit. I’m going to the acupuncturist on Tuesday, if that doesn’t help, I’m going to beg for drugs. I think this is going to totally mess up my attachment to this baby.

  129. I delivered my healthy beautiful baby boy 4 days ago, what was a red rash over stretch marks on my abdomen, immediately post c section I am covered in a red roaring itchy rash legs, arms, back after to presentations to the ED they have put me on Prednisone, and corticosteriod cream - the cream sucks and appears to make it worse, the prednisone is drying it up slowly but the relief is in cold showers and pine tarcels. Don’t feel you are alone or going insane it will get better - and the best bit is its not systemic and therefore can’t be passed on to your baby!!

  130. I got Qutar from my dermatologist - it was the only thing that worked. Calomine lotion was a joke, Benadryl did nothing, Oatmeal makes it worse. For people who have never had PUPPs they have no idea the complete torture that it entails. However, the second my son was delivered (all natural, two days before his due date in 4h28m) the stinging/burning/itching/swelling went away and within two days all signs of the rash were completely gone.

  131. I was diagnosed with PUPPS at 27 weeks… For three weeks I was in AGONY! Horrible. All over my stomach, spreading to my arms! Let me first say, stressing out makes the rash worse. I know it is difficult to try and not think of it, but lying around miserable and stressing will make it spread. Second, tight, (cute) pregnancy shirts will make it inflamed. Try and wear loose, comfortable shirts whenever possible.
    For me, taking the oatmeal baths made things worse. I started taking quick, cool showers. It wasn’t very mentally soothing, but it seemed like it was less irritating to the rash. I quit putting ANY cream, powder, ect… on my stomach! DON’T PUT ANYTHING! It needs to breath. I found GREAT relief in ice, gel packs. The cool of the ice packs completely numbed my stomach and got my mind off the itch. I highly recommend this if not already doing so.
    When reading online about others with PUPPS I came across a woman who took Claritin for 7 days. She said her rash went away. I asked my OB/GYN and she said it was perfectly fine. I took the Claritin for 7 days… a HUGE IMPROVEMENT. My rash wasn’t gone, but was a million percent better! I couldn’t believe it. However, I stopped taking the Claritin on day 7. Sure enough, after a day or so (that quickly) the rash began to come back. Finally, I just decided taking the Claritin would be part of my daily prenatal vitamin ritual. IT WORKS. I don’t have a rash anymore. The rash completely stopped on my arms. My skin is glowing again.
    Also, I found that SEBA-MED face/body wash (PH 5.5) for ultra-sensitive skin is a god send. I don’t use regular soap… too drying and irritating. The combo of the cool showers, seba-med soap (bought at Costco), and the Claritin are the recipe for my success. story. I am 34 weeks tomorrow. Good luck!

  132. I too had the dreaded PUPPPS and wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy!! I was diagnosed with it at 32 weeks and managed to get rid of it by 36 weeks so for those out there that have it there is some hope. I ended up sleeping in a separate room to my husband because I was so uncomfortable and spent a lot of the night itching, unfortunately itching until I bled and it was easier for me to get up and down and turn the lights on and off and not worry. There is hope though, I had it in the height of summer which definitely makes it worse. I was able to negotiate with work to work from home so I could stay in airconditioning and have baths and put creams on whenever I needed. When I did need to go out or go to meetings, I wore very loose fitting clothes (that covered the hideous rash that was all over me). In the end, I think that a combination of treatments that I used helped - I found them all online at 4am in the morning when I was awake from all of the itching! I had regular oatmeal baths (as cool as I could stand) - I would buy a bag of rolled oats from the supermarket, blend it up and put about 6 big spoonfuls into a stocking. I would squeeze the milk out into the bath and directly onto my skin. When I got out, I would pat myself dry and put on one of the many creams on my skin, I alternated between using vitamin E cream and Aveeno with menthol (which really calmed the itching and cooled it down). To ease the itching I also used a lot of calamine lotion but tried not to use that too much as that is pretty drying. I also used quite a bit of sorbelene cream when I felt like putting something on my skin that wasn’t too full of chemicals. I also drank water with the juice of half a lemon each day (and I really think it worked). I tried a steriod cream but it really didn’t seem to work and I wasn’t that keen on putting too many chemicals in my skin as it is supposed to be used in smallish quantities and I had it all over my body apart from my breasts and face. I tried using sudafed to sleep but I felt like the baby didn’t move around as much the next day so I stopped using it and stuck with wet flannels and ice packs (and bought a good baby book to get my mind off it and to get excited about the arrival of my baby). I tried my absolute hardest not to scrath the itch but it was terrible- to the point where I used a hairbrush on it one night and almost had an anxiety attack on another night. My dermatologist said that if I wasn’t able to cope then the next step would be for me to go into hospital for treatment. Then I noticed after at about the three week mark that the itching seemed to calm down and the rash started turning purple. Then it started clearing up!! I kept up with the routine but found that I didn’t need to have baths as often and that the oatmeal stocking also worked well in the shower. While the rash went, the itch (although in a much much much milder version) remained until I gave birth but stopped pretty well straight away after. Good luck everyone, there is hope and you may get some relief from this hideous skin rash!!!

  133. I have shared this with many others and must say it was a Godsend. Around 26 weeks I developed a nasty rash that started on my arms and moved up to my chest and into my armpits on both sides of my body. It was the strangest thing. I was up two nights in a row scratching all night, even started to bleed in some of the areas due to heavy scratching. I couldn’t deal with it any longer, and someone told me of this stuff called “BURNFREE” which has tea tree oil in it, and I gotta say, that stuff was great for immediate relief. I then went out and picked up some Dandelion root and coconut oil and that kicked it for good. I know a lot of women suffering from pregnancy rashes and I wanted to share my experience to help those suffering from the same.

  134. Had PUPPS in 7th month with twins. I used a chillow but only found it a couple of days before I had the babies. It was amazing the relief I found with it. I too had scratch myself to bleeding. The chillow kept my legs cool and allowed me to finally sleep. As soon as I gave birth the itching was gone.

  135. I’m Arlene and 16 weeks pregnant. I was diagnosed of PUPP as early as 12 weeks of my pregnancy, I’ve tried calamine lotion and triamcinolone cream/lotion. Those creams really didn’t work, without other remedies.

    My mom’s friend gave us kakawate/madrecacao (Tagalog, Span) or gliricidia (Engl), I just boiled the leaves with water and use it for bathing (I bathe 2x a day). I also used oatmeal soap. After that, dried myself and applied the cream. I guess that process helped to lessen the itchiness and to dry the rashes.

    You can search the internet about gliricidia to know more about it and how to apply it.

    Hope it will help, coz I find a releief after using it.

  136. About last week, at 18 weeks I contracted PUPP. Bummer! My doctor prescribed Prednisone and a Hyrdrocortisone cream. Of course I am not big on pills. I don’t even take ibuprofen for the most part. However I was desperate. I took the pill and did the cream. But I also did some of the natural remedies too. After the cream I actually put baby powder on too. I took cool baths and showers. I stayed out of the heat because that DOES flare it up. I slept nude every night too. 3 days later my rashes everywhere were pretty much gone! I am still trying to get rid of it but I just wanted to let you ladies out there to know that there are things to help, and stressing out about it is NOT one of them! No matter how annoying it is. Itching doesn’t help either, you don’t want to ruin that beautiful skin.

  137. I got PUPPS at around 37 weeks pregnant and now have my 4 week old baby girl and PUPPS has returned with a vengeance a couple of weeks ago. Does anyone know if these treatments suggested are ok whilst breastfeeding? I have gone through the natural options and am considering the steroid road now as you all know this is truely unbearable, especially alongside caring for a newborn. Also, I notice mine flares up more when I breastfeed, anyone else have this?

  138. i am 7 months pregnant and have pupps and its terrible. i get a different spot each day that pops up! started on both sides of my neck and now it’s on my side my chest,arms and face! gold bond is the only thing that helps me with the itching.and at night i lay in front of a fan with no clothes or blankets on. i can’t wait till it goes away!

  139. I developed PUPPS a few days before my c-section at 39 weeks. This was my 2nd pregnancy (a girl this time), and I did not have PUPPS with my first (which was a boy). It got sooo much worse after delivery, and here, a month later, it’s still going strong. I started an oral steroid dose pack yesterday and seem to have some relief, but I’m also still very itchy at times, particularly after breastfeeding. So, yes, Sarah, if you read this, I do notice that it’s worse after nursing. I’ve found that warm and/or cool showers, followed by applying hydrocortizone cream, then, once that cream has dried, applying aloe lotion, has helped a little. But the rash is all over my whole body. Again, it’s not nearly as bad now as it was when I first developed it, but it’s definitely still there and still causing me to be uncomfortable. I’m hoping the oral steroids will kick it soon! (I’m also so frightened reading some of these posts, that some women have had it with more than one pregnancy (my doctor told me I wouldn’t have to worry about it in the future) and that it flares up w/ hormonal changes — I can’t do this again or for the rest of my life! It’s just terrible!) Good luck to all of you - I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  140. hey everyone..oh jeeze i got pupps and i cant stand it..there red and icthy and its unbearable at night but i take warm showers abd use anti itch cream its been working for me so far but i’ve had them since i got pregant im now 31 weeks and having a baby boy:) so all i can say is good luck ladies and try not to itch i get yelled at for that haha..best of luck with the rash and congrats everyone on there buddles of joy :o)

  141. Pupps is an awful condition. I found support in baby centers pupps support group. Lots of ideas and comfort found in corresponding with other women who are or have went through this.

  142. I have been suffering with PUPPPS for only a week now, but each day the itching has been bringing me to tears.
    I went to see 2 doctors and my midwife and neither were very understanding. Both the doctors I saw were unaware of PUPPPS and didn’t know how to treat it. The midwife had only seen one previous case of PUPPPS but again did not know what to suggest. In the end, the doctor treated me as if I had a severe case of Eczema and prescribed me with Steriod cream and Aqueous Cream. Neither of these worked and the rash continued to spread.
    I have been taking Dandelion Root Capsules 3 in morning and 3 in evening for 2 days and yet to see any results, however I will be persisting with this.
    Tonight I have stopped applying the creams and instead have covered my entire body in Calamine Lotion, WOW…immediate relief from any itching what so ever.
    From my husband experience with Eczema the rashes are patches of dry skin and yes, using moisturising creams does work for this. However, PUPPPS is not patches of dry skin but the complete opposite, so I guess the Calamine lotion dries the rash, at the moment I look very strange covered in a layer of white powder/lotion, but I applied this 2 hours ago and not one itch since.
    I wanted to share this with you all as I have tried everything I can get my hands on and finally found something that has worked.
    I wander if anyone else has tried Calamine?

  143. I got the PUPPS around the 28th week which drove me insane. I tried alot of stuff but what worked for me was using the following:
    Bathe twice a day with the Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap (health store)
    Rub the A&D Ointment (used for baby rashes)…this also kept my stomach moist so i did not get anymore stretch marks.
    Drank a V8 can of juice everyday for 7 days, along with some lemon water whenever i remembered. (this cleans the liver which is somehow linked to the PUPPs)
    After the first 3 days, I had stopped stressing over the rashes and maybe this helped too….not sure!…Sure enough, by day 7, the rashes are gone, faded scars still remain and keeps getting better daily. I am just waiting to deliver to see if the marks will disappear completely.

  144. Hi
    I had severe pupp at 30 weeks until delivery at 42 weeks. After several GP visits and several creams etc I eventually ended up in the dermatology clinic to get the diagnosis of pupp.

    I just want to share the magic cream that a Chinese consultant prescribed me.. It’s MENTHOL aqueous cream. It completely Cools the itch and let’s you get a good night sleep. I covered my body every few hours so you need quite a few tubs but hey prescriptions are free to pregnant ladies.


  145. Butterfly Sprinkles on September 30th, 2011 at 11:36 pm

    I two suffered from PUPPS starting at week 32 of pregnancy. After delivery it went away briefly for about a week. Then starting late in week two postpartum, I developed hives on both my legs and arms (non-itchy at first). By 3rd week…the itch come on strong and flaming hot (at times so intense that’s all I concentrated on and became insanely irritable b/c I couldn’t focus on caring for my newborn while breastfeeding and scratching the itch all at the same time)! I came across a PUPPS blog about 6 days ago and wasted no time to run to Sprouts (a local farmer’s market store) to purchase the Dandelion Root capsules. I had already been taking the flaxseed oil (Triple Omega 3 from Nature Made brand) as part of my pre-natal vitamin regime. With the Triple Omega 3 (1 pill 3times a day), I added the Dandelion Root capsules (3 pills x 3 times per day), drank 12 cups of water a day, ate lots of fruits (blueberries, bananas, nectarine, apples), staying away from all diary (cow) products, white flour and sugar (all kinds), showered with Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap, and applying Aloe vera gel (Target brand, made from 100% aloe vera) to cool the itchy spots for 2-3 hours at a time. With this treatment, starting on day 4 the rash redness started disappearing, although the itchiness was still there (but less intense). The rash bumps were also less noticeable by day 5. As of today, (day 6) the rash bumps disappeared, no itch (what a relief) and what’s left on my skin are scabs that are drying up from me scratching the rash. I was able to sleep thru the night (last night) without scratching for the first time since developing this rash. This rash is definitely going way. I believe the key to beating this horrible condition is to cleanse your body of the toxins created by the pregnancy hormones. The flaxseed oil, dandelion root capsules, and flushing out your body with tons of water…all definitely work as a detoxifier. Also, make sure to stay away from sugary sweets/drinks, white flour, or cow’s milk products as these have been linked to known allergies in pregnant women which can exacerbate the rash. I hope to share mine as well to all the ladies out there fighting this horrible, loathing disease!

    Yours Truly,

  146. im 32 weeks and i have had this rash for 2 months already.. i have a dermatologist appt. in a week so hopefully i can get some help for it.. it has been so bad it wakes me up itching so bad, i cant wait for it to go away it has literally driven me crazy..

  147. I am 38 weeks pregnant pharmacist and developed the rash last week and its spreading, they only thing that helped me is putting aloe vera gel from the plant , just cut open the leaf and rub it on the rash it works great, i dont have any itching !! hope this helps someone.

  148. I got PUPPPS at 17 weeks and was soon covered from the neck down. This was truly the worst thing that had ever happened to me. I wore long sleeves and jeans all the time to cover my skin- I teach first grade, and my principal was not happy…I finally gave up after about 8 weeks of dealing with scabs and blood all over everything (due to scratching in what little sleep I could get), and took prednisone. It was such a Godsend- unfortunately, 30 months after delivery I’m still dealing with the rash all over the bottom of my stomach. It comes and goes, and I have had it biopsied to make sure that’s what it is. I didn’t get it with either of my other kids, and I ended up having a girl. So this rash sucks, and it breaks all the so called “rules”. I wouldn’t ever recommend a prescription, but in this case I do.

  149. Thanks alot ladies for all of the good advices. I am 7 months pregnant and is suffering really bad right now with PUPP. This is by far the worst thing I have ever been through so far. I’ve never heard of this and this is my third pregnancy. I guess I’ll have to try some of the things you ladies have done to cope with this. Thanks a bunch!

  150. OMG I hate PUPPS! I swear even my PUPPS has PUPPS its just a freakin mess! Started out on my belly in the stretch marks and I thought that was annoying… if I’d only known what awaited me… I’m 37 weeks and first noticed it about 3 weeks ago, but only in the last week and a half has it spread all over my body (cept the face and neck thank god but i do seem to have some on my scalp)I cannot begin to imagine some of you having had this for months on end! After the last few weeks im ready to cry, scream and RIP MY SKIN OFF! God I hope this clears up when I deliver my son… I’m contemplating oral steroids if I cant get it to clear up some naturally.. I have used quite a few things at this point, however I have yet to get my hands on any Pine tar soap.. maybe that would help too. Hydrocortizone does next to nothing, it will help mildly if I get overwhelmed and scratch or scratch in my sleep and then wake up with screaming hot pain on my rash. I just got Gold Bond Medicated two days ago, that does seems to help for brief periods of time, however I really don’t like the coldness I get from the menthol in it on my arms especially.. Altho for a lil relief from the itching I’m willing to deal. I had an allergic reaction before I became pregnant last spring, and I thought that sucked… altho that was more crazy, sporadic swelling then itching.. I’d deal with that a hundred times over before this… for any fellow PUPPS sufferers, I feel your pain.. I’d like to try some of these bathing rituals (milk, baking soda, oatmeal, etc.) however I have a REALLY REALLY sensative urethera and I get UTI’s like nobody’s business. I have gotten UTI’s in the past from bathing in anything but reg water, thats why I almost never take baths and always shower. But maybe these things wouldnt irritate it I don’t know.. My huge hemorroid I developed over a month ago that was annoying me seems like nothing now compared to the PUPPS! Ready to deliver, and be done with being pregnant. I want to meet my lil man! And in the end, all this suffering is worth it for him.

  151. Hi all! I suffered from PUPPS when i was on my third trimester. My doc had my bloodwork done, thinking it could be a gall bladder problem.. Thank goodness it wasnt. She prescribed countless topical creams and oral benadryl. Nothing worked. Epsom salt bath gave temporary relief. Finally, i saw DANDELION ROOT capsule recommended by a number pf moms in one the online fora. It relieved me of my itchiness after five days of taking the capsule once daily. We bought it at GNC for less than $15. I stopped taking it after i delivered my baby.

  152. I am 23 weeks pregnant and I think I may have PUPPs on my backside. It started about a week ago and seems to be spreading and getting worse. I have tried Cortizone cream which helps for about an hour and a half. I have tried soaking in Epsom Salt and warm water but that only soothes it while I am in the bath. When I got out I wanted to scratch the crap out of it. I was given a prescription for Nystatin powder and it helps for about 2 hours as long as I have no clothes on. Yesterday I bought some spray powder and it helps for about 5 hours but when you first spray it on it feels like alcohol being poured into a cut for about 2 minutes then eases up. After that it feels like it numbs it. I can’t go for another 2 1/2 months with this. I will go absolutely crazy.

  153. Go gluten free!!!!!! I had pupps at eight months pregnant and it didn’t get better until I went gluten free at four months post partum. I wanted to die it was so horrible. I never wanted to get preggo again. Now I fell like there’s hope and that I can b/c of going gluten free. I was even tested for Celiacs while pregnant and was negative and my rash was pupps not gluten rash!!!! Dandelion supplements and milk thistle seemed to help before I knew it was gluten.

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