Pep Talk on Cure for Rash: Itchy Skin Relief

It’s Christmas and I know some of you are discouraged about finding a cure for rash problems. It may seem like you can’t figure out the diagnosis and get it fixed. Some people here have had a chronic itchy skin condition of eczema or a form of dermatitis for years. You’ve seen a lot of dermatolgists and can’t get your skin to clear or it will relapse. Don’t let this drag you down.

Remember the things you have gratitude about- your family, friends and hopefully otherwise good health. Itching is so frustrating. Your skin appearance may be driving you crazy. But keep being a detective. Find a dermatologist who you can work with , who will answer all your questions and give you a good chunk of time. This isn’t always easy.

Keep analyzing the foods you eat , possible environmental factors causing your skin rash and medications you take. Recently someone wrote me that his 4 month skin rash was due to his sleeping pill. But he had taken it for 5 years previously without any reaction. Yes, he feels so much better now that he’s not itching, scratching and embarrassed, but he said something very interesting.

Dave realized that he had wasted those four months of the rash in a lot of ways. He was totally pre-occupied with it and wasn’t enjoying his life. Dave said when he did things he liked like get Chinese food, see a movie or go the race track, he was constantly in an inner state of agitation much more intense than the actual discomfort he was feeling at the time.

Sometimes we need a pep talk because the cure for the rash symptoms and itchy skin relief may not seem close or our hopes were dashed again after a few weeks of being clear. Remember what Dave realized. The rash didn’t have to take over his life. He wished he had been more present with his family and friends and had experienced the activities he was involved in. These moments have passed but his new resolution is strong.

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