Itch Lotion - Anti Itch Creams That Are Effective

Though getting to the root of the itch is the best way to treat the rash problem . Nonetheless, an itch lotion that is effective is what’s on most people’s minds and by improving sleep this helps the immune system and one’s sanity as well.  An anti itch cream is also essential for kids who tend  to scratch as well as adults that scratch themselves due to a relentless itch. Don’t forget that scratching can lead to an infection or bacteria problem which can complicate things and require additional treatment options.

Popular itch creams are:

1) Sarna- this contains menthol and is steroid-free. If you dislike the smell of mentol you will not like this anti itch lotion. Also it is very cooling when initially applied. This can be a comfort for those with rashes that have heat to them.

2) Aquaphor- For eczema, many find this helpful to heal and stop the itching. Keep it mind it is 41 percent petrolatum so it is greasy and doesn’t spread easily but it does have good moisturization and locks it in. This will stop itching for certain skin rash conditions. This was helpful during my time with Nummular Eczema.

3) Aveeno Anti Itch Lotion- Many like this and it contains colloidal oatmeal. Oatmeal baths are also helpful for many conditions like chicken pox, scabies, eczema and hives. Remember to blot skin after a bath with towel rather than rub.

4) Calamine Lotion - For itching due to chicken pox or due to poison ivy and oak many find this helpful. If you have a skin condition that requires moisturizer however you need to check with your physician if this will be helpful as it is drying and may aggravate it.

5) Cortizone creams- There are some otc and some with prescriptions. This can reduce inflammation and help heal. It isn’t good to use for a fungal infection. Cortizone can thin your skin over time so be aware of that and some physicians recommend 3 weeks on and then 1 week of rest from it.

Remember that the reasons for the itching is important. If you have a scabies rash , then the doctor will prescribe permethrin to eradicate the mites and their eggs. In other countries, neem oil and tumeric or other Natural Remedies For Scabies are used. If the cause for the itching is eczema, then moisturizing is what is helpful rather than a pesticide cream. The root cause must be determined.

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