How To Prevent Bikini Rash

If you’re planning to go to the beach at the weekend and you’ve been dying to show off your trim body and new bikini to the world, don’t forget your bikini line! Careful hair removal well before your day of fun in the sun could save you from a day of wearing shorts and a tee shirt. Some women are lucky, especially those with blonde hair, but some of us aren’t so lucky. We get razor bumps, rashes and ingrown hair that is down right painful and unsightly!

It’s probably going to take some experimenting to find out the best hair removal process for you personally, and if nothing works you may even have to consider laser hair removal to achieve that sylph like look.

A razor is what we normally reach for and just carry on up the legs to the bikini area, but the hair at the bikini line is a darned sight tougher than the stuff on our legs. Nevertheless, if you follow a few tips, this may work for you. It is after all the cheapest and quickest way of getting rid of bikini line hair – I would be far too embarrassed to go to a salon to get mine removed, and I simply can’t afford it!

If you’re going to use a razor, make sure it is either brand new or sterile. Don’t use a razor that has been used more than a couple of times – the blades become dull and drag at hair rather than cutting it off.

Try shaving while in a warm bath or shower, the heat should soften the hair and open the pores.

Watch how your man shaves. Ever seen him drag an old razor across his face without using foam, cream or gel shaving cream? No, this is one occasion when he probably does know better about something! Do not use soap or anything with alcohol in it, as alcohol dries the skin and perfumes and additives in soap can cause adverse reactions. Use an oil if there’s no other choice as it protects skin well.

If you do get bumps or in growing hair, apply a warm compress a few times a day and the hair should work its way out, but then you get to shave it off again! A topical cortisone cream will help relieve any itch and pain. Some people use corn starch or a zinc oxide cream to soothe the skin.

Try waxing. I hate it but others swear by it. My hair is just too tough. The good thing about waxing is you may get rid of the hair for up to eight weeks and the hair may grow back a lot softer so you can actually shave it next time. It costs of course, but if it works – go for it. I just find it too painful even at a salon, and there’s no guarantee you won’t get in growing hair afterwards. Oh and if you have a fresh tan, don’t even think about bikini line waxing unless you want to be in agony for a week.

If you have tough, curly hair in the bikini area, you may consider buying some of the shaving products that African American men use on their faces very successfully. Black hair is tough and curly and there are some very good products that prevent in growing hair and soreness. You could be an Undercover Brother!

If you decide on laser hair removal, be aware it doesn’t last forever and always check that the salon is licensed to do laser hair removal and the person doing it also has a license!

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