How to Get Rid of Heat Rash: Treat Heat Rash in Summer

Some people never get a heat rash and others get it whenever they walk, work out, go into temperature over 80 degrees and sweat or exert themselves. A heat rash can also be known as pricly heat. In the summer things can get worse so it’s important to know how to get rid of heat rash problems.

Cooling the body is important whether you use a fan, air-conditioning or a shower. Let the skin air dry if possible too. Sometimes if you are sweating people try to throw things on the skin like deodorants, powders etc but this can lock the sweat in. You want to let your sweat glands breathe. Some recommend using corn starch instead of a powder that can clog the pores.

Some people find that zinc oxide creams will prevent sweating. Other suggestions are aloe vera, miracle ii moisturizer and vitamins a and d cream . Drink lots of water and increase the fruits and veggies in the diet.

Also wear cotton clothing. Guys do better with boxers and not briefs. It also is better to wear looser pants and not tight jeans so you don’t encourage the body to perspire. This can be a danger for teenagers who like wearing tight clothing, but encourage them to avoid this if there is an eruption history. Showing teens pictures of heat rash on the net can be a way for them to see the importance of wearing cotton and taking measures to cool the body down.

Pregnant women suffer from this often and it is helpful to wash and keep the area dry. Some say that powders are not great to use on the body and can be abrasive. Try to avoid scratching the area. You don’t want to make things worse. When your skin is itchy use ice and cold water. Dealing with heat rash is frustrating but generally it will resolve within a week unless the same circumstances that created it are back.

If your baby suffers from a heat rash. Check a few things: Are you dressing him or her too warm? If you layer cotton clothing then you can take off layers and this works better. You can also get anti-chafing creams at drug store. If the rash is very bad for a child then calmine lotion and/or benadryl are used, but check first with your physician.

Some people are prone to a rash whenever they perspire so dread the summer. Don’t let the summer ruin your joy. You can put ice in a baggy. Remember the importance of wearing cotton clothing as often we wear bathing suits or jogging clothing in the summer that is nylon based. Cotton isn’t always the sexiest clothes to wear but when you want to get rid of a heat rash, it is the safest.

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15 Responses to “How to Get Rid of Heat Rash: Treat Heat Rash in Summer”

  1. When my baby was little she kept getting “prickly heat” and I think it was because I was putting too many blankets on her because I was so afraid of her getting cold. I noticed she had a red heat rash near her neck and that’s where I had snuggled her up in the blankie.

  2. Is toddler heat rash the same as heat rash in adults? Also I think it can be related to miliaria right? I think my son retains sweat too much.

  3. Is the best way to get rid of heat rash to avoid the sun? It is very hot where I live in Texas and my rash is always worse during the summer. I think it is prickly heat.

  4. I think what they call “sweat rash” is the same as heat rash. Is that true? The heat rash pictures I’ve seen look similar to my husband’s but he also has both pink bumps and red ones. I think prickly heat rash can look different on a guy than a girl.

  5. To get rid of heat rash gold bond medicated powder worked for me but it was a mild case of prickly heat. I avoid beach during peak hours.

  6. I get a red sweating rash sometimes when I walk my dog lunch time, but not everytime. I was thinking that when I’m in a rush to get back to work I get anxious and this makes me have more sweat. I’m not sure what does heat rash look like but I think that’s what it is because it always happen from humid hot days.

  7. I get a really bad heat rash every summer on my legs, especially my thighs and leg pits, where I sweat. I haven’t really found any cure for it, after reading this I think I will try ice packs when my skin gets itchy….baby powder doesn’t sound like it will stop the itchyness, but anyway, I hope ice works this year.

  8. for the first time, I got a heat rash on the back of my neck where my ponytail hangs. We have had a run of 90+ days so i am tryingg to tuck my hair into a hat - we’ll see what happens without creams or powders.

  9. i get what i think is heat rash on my feet .. it gets really itchy and it happens whenever i am wearing flip flops and the sun is on the , it doesnt take alot of heat to make it happen , yesturday it was 18C and i still got it .. help ?

  10. What I do when I get a heat a heat rash is take long refreshing breaths and that helps ALOT also if u don’t wear tight clothes your less likely to get a heat rash

  11. i just turned 19 and i got this summer rash and i dont know how to get to stop its really itchi i cant stop scratching i had it for a week and a half i go to my mother to see if she can help me but all she said was wait for it to go but it wont and that worries me

  12. The past summer i got like a heat rash and it got really bad. So I decided to go to the doctor.and he recommend to use hydrocortisone creame on can get it from any drugstore or even like a dollar worked the best for me. you just put it on at least twice a day and it should go away in no time.mine took about 2 weeks but that’s because it was pretty hope this helped.

  13. You can use lanacort , works fast and heals fast too. They sell it at any drug store over the counter.

  14. i landscape for a living and get heat rash every summer. i put rubbing alcohal in a spray bottle and spray rash which stings intill rash feels drier and more ruff. it takes about 3 or 4 days. then i’ll start putting lotion on it every time i get out the shower. usually gone in a week to two weeks

  15. My prickly heat/heat rash - (I’ll use a Latin referrent Miliaria Rubra to make sure we are all talking about the same thing here :-)) started as a result of Amytriptilline (Elavil). The drug has a side effect of increasing my prespiration to its possible maximum to the point where my pores are constantly blocked by sweat. I get it on my forearms, the part most exposed to sun and sometimes on my throat. Wearing long-sleeve tees exacrbates the symptoms as opposed to helping them. Because Amytriptilline happens to be extremely effective I cannot stop taking it, -so my doctor ended up prescribing Oxybutynine to treat sweating but at its maximum daily dose of 10 mg - it’s not much help so I have stopped taking it. So far I had this rash all summer long (!) while waiting for the pharmacist to call me back with a solution. Tried OT creams, prescription corticosteroidal cream, cold water, ice - seems to only treat the itching (temporarily of course). The only thing that helped - was air conditioner, seriously, but I can’t stay indoors all day :-( This thing really ruins my summer. Hopefully, though some of the measures I listed will be effective at least for some of you…

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