How Do You Get Scabies: Was He Unfaithful

how catch scabies You might be asking yourself the question how do you get scabies if you’ve been diagnosed with it. Scabies are small parasitic mites that are invisible to the naked eye. They burrow under your skin triggering acne-like pimples and bumps. The female mites burrow in the skin, lay eggs and this can cause intense itching, particularly at night. Even though scabies are not dangerous, scratching them wounds can cause more irritation and bacterial infections. Scabies are prevalent for all ages and social classes. Similar to most parasitic diseases, preventing scabies is much easier than treating them.

Because they can be an std, many times a person may suspect that their partner was unfaithful. This could be the case. Hopefully, there will be a level of honesty about this that emerges. However, it is also very possible to catch it from a partner who did not engage in sexual activity outside of the marriage or relationship. It could’ve been picked up at work, at a hotel or through contact with a parent in a nursing home. Kids get them in school and summer camps from each other so they are not strictly an std disease.

It is usually caught by prolonged physical contact with people who are infected. A quick handshake or hug is generally fine, but longer contact such as cuddling and physical intimacy can lead to become infested with scabies. Keep yourself from sharing dirty towels, clothes and bedding with anyone who may suspect this scabies rash. Some setting such as day care centers, schools, nursing homes and assisted living facilities for seniors can have epidemics due to the close contact. Also, be careful particularly around anyone who have contracted Norwegian scabies or crusted rashes as that is highly contagious.

If one person becomes infested, treat everyone in the household at the same time in order to treat scabies thoroughly. The doctor will prescribe a certain cream or lotion that should be applied on every part of the body, from the neck to the toes. This cream is left to set on the skin overnight and is washed off the next morning. This is usually the five percent permethrin cream called elimite. Such treatment is repeated sometimes from seven to ten days later so that the mites that might have hatched off can be killed completely. However, some doctors say that studies show one application is sufficient. If you are in college and your roommate has scabies, it is advised to also use the cream even if you have no symptoms.

Wash all clothes, bed sheets, towels, etc. in hot water. Dry them on the “hot” setting right away after everyone in the household has taken their first treatment. Scabies can live for a short period of time off the human body, but the heat from the washing and drying will eradicate them. They also can’t survive very cold temperatures.

Expect that you may continue to have itching and the scabies rash even after treatment for a few weeks. Do not constantly torture yourself by checking scabies pictures to see if you are reinfected again. Of course if you are in a setting where people are not treating themselves and it is being passed around then this can be a serious problem for skin recovery. The permethrin cream is a prescription and is not available over the counter in the strength needed. You can read here about natural remedies that have been used in traditional societies which include tea tree oil and neem oil. Neem oil is a contraceptive and a fascinating study from an Indian researcher showed good results in it’s stopping the cycle of egg production.

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