Getting Rid Of Old Acne Marks

One of the worst parts of acne problems are the marks and scars that are left behind. Sometime even a large pimple which does not pop, stays behind under the skin leaving a raised red bump or a dark black round patch on skin. They may leave a dark reddish black mark on skin.

We know that most dermatologists state that if you leave the pimple to ripen and erupt by itself, it won’t leave marks or scars, but many people claim they never touch their skin and they still have leftover residues. Some people get icepick scars from cysts or severe acne. Others get macules which are marks left on the skin. There are methods to help resolve the above problems.

Variety Of Treatments

Retinoic acid – This is an extremely effective Vitamin A derivative that is used to peel skin. The compound does work and it is commonly used in cosmetic skin creams even by large companies like Garnier and Elizabeth Arden. Special medical formulations are available and they do work to reduce leftover marks. The only problem is that it takes three months for the cream to work.
Benzoyl peroxide – This ingredient is helpful for people who have milder acne and spots. It works on the same bleaching principle and it is quite effective in controlling active acne and reducing the spots that remain.

Adaplene – This cream can be expensive, but has gotten nice feedback. We suggest you use this cream only under medical supervision as it can cause reddening of skin and peeling.

Hydroquinone - This cream is also effective in controlling acne and the remaining marks. Please be a little careful with this product though as it does make your skin photosensitive.

Kojic acid – This is derived from a fungus and it is very effective in lightening skin. It’s one of the newest products on the block and we suggest you use it only under medical supervision

A few more medicines like glycolic acid combined with cosmetic treatments like microdermabrasion, peels etc will work to make your skin appear brighter and cleaner.

Serious Acne Scars

For those with acne scars due to cystic acne and severe problems, chemo-dermabrasion can be used as well as strong chemical peels or cryotherapy. Some people have also used laser to treat these scars. It is best to consult with a dermatologist that has before and after pictures to show you.
Deep pits are difficult both psychologically as well as in terms of treatment. Fillers and injections are used for keloids and may need to be done again as time passes.

Coping With Acne

No one really knows the cause of acne and therein lies the tragedy of this extremely common but hugely embarrassing disease skin condition. If medical science cannot isolate a single cause for acne, there is nothing that you can do to prevent it. However, natural streams of medicine like ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy etc suggest that improving overall body health could help to control acne. Naturopaths also suggest remedies like flushing the body of toxins, controlling diet, skipping sweet, sour and oily food, avoiding chocolate and increasing exercise to tone the body and refresh skin. As this will improve overall health, it will decrease the underlying problem that is causing acne and improve the scars as well. A book was written twenty years ago speaking about avoiding saturated fats and I found following that was helpful.

Treatments That Are Questionable

On some internet forums, some of the following are suggested, but these have no scientific backing.

• Toothpaste – Some say that the fluoride content of toothpaste is effective in controlling acne. Users on the internet suggest applying a thin watered down coat on both pimples and their marks. It seems to soothe skin.

• Anti dandruff shampoo – A few users claim that using an Anti Dandruff shampoo to treat has been helpful. Anti dandruff shampoo is medicated and it can cause facial problems if used carelessly.

Psychologically, it is important to give someone support that suffers from skin problems. People are very self-conscious and may isolate themselves due to this.

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