Dust Mites Rash: Are You Allergic

Often when you hear about an allergic skin rash, people will say do you have dust mites in your house? Do you wonder what this means? You may not be able to see dust mites as they can be quite small. Also experts say that they don’t bite and that there are different species. People often with a dust mite allergy are actually reacting to their waste products which can be in the mattress, pillow or home furniture.

Yeah, it sounds gross but it’s good to get to the root of the problem. Be aware they can also be on the couch as they like to eat dead skin cells and if there is a lot of time spent there by people, they will be there
Most people say that you cannot be bitten by a dust mite, but just be having an allergic reaction to their waste. Others swear they are getting bitten! You can expect the skin to be red, itchy and bumpy. Unlike a mosquito, you can’t hear them coming towards you! Dust mites can’t survive on wood or vinyl flooring. Also, if the humidity is under forty percent dust mites don’t live well so that is why parts of the southwest don’t suffer from this problem.

For those with allergic reactions to their feces, expect to have either a respiratory reaction including sneezing and congestion and possibly watery eyes. Some people will have an allergic rash reaction of eczema. This is similar to the situation with food allergies: Some people get respiratory types of reactions and others will deal with the problem via their skin by having a rash response.

The best thing to do is first clean your home well. Since they aren’t usually visible, it is a bit of a challenge. Vacuum the rugs frequently and use a small vacuum on the bed. Wash the linens and pillow cases often and get a vinyl mattress cover from walmarts or another shop to cover your bed. This way you won’t have contact with them and they will suffocate.

For skin relief, using oils, anti-itch creams and moisturizers are soothing. Oatmeal baths work well and not irritating the skin through scratching. Remember that dust mites can’t live above 140 degrees so that is why washing things in hot water can be quite effective. A good hepa vacuum or special vacuum bags can also be helpful as these mites are very tiny.

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9 Responses to “Dust Mites Rash: Are You Allergic”

  1. I don’t know if we have dust mites but my kids sneeze a lot and the little one gets odd pimple rashes on arms. We are getting a good vacuum so maybe that will help coz the kids play on the rug a lot.

  2. I never saw a picture of dust mites rash but I’m glad I read this because I do a lot of cold water washing and think I will use hot water for my bed sheets to deal with dust mite reactions my kids get.

  3. Are dust mite rashes contagious? My sister has a rash after our cousin slept over and I think they had dust mites in their house. I don’t think it’s like measles rash or can be caught but wanted to check.

  4. To anyone whom might be suffering from Dust Mite Allergies… This is my story.

    I am 29 years old and have had pretty clear skin all my life. I woke up one day with a bite on my face that kind of resembled a pimple. No matter what I tried it was not going away. Pretty soon this rash started spreading to other areas of my face. (The rash is only on my face) but the breakouts were awful. I would get red blisters that would hurt, itch, feel extremely hot to the touch and then follow with extremely dry skin. It felt like your skin was raw.

    I went to Dermatologist after Dermatologist and they kept saying Rosacea. They put me on antibiotic after antibiotic and still no results. I have tried hydrocortizone creams, rubbing alcohol, face cleaners, diets, etc etc. Nothing has helped.

    The last Dermatologist I went to also suspected Rosacea and we did like a 3 month treatment of antibiotics, and face gels etc. Still no improvement. My very last meeting I kept stressing that my face itched. My face felt flushed, but I would not run a fever because I kept checking. Finally the doctor done a skin scraping of one of the blisters and ran it under the microscope. The number of mites was extremely high and that’s when we came to the conclusion that I have a dust mite allergy.

    He advised I wash my blankets,sheets and pillows in hot water very often. He also prescribed some lotion to kill the mites, but you want to make sure that you clean your room, vaccum your bed, change your pillows first. He said everyone will have them, but when you start having an allergy then you know the number of mites is very large and you need to get the habitat down somewhat.(I would still recommend talking with a Dermatologist first though because there are many kinds of mites which will determine the correct healing method)

    I’m hoping to try everything this weekend to see if it works. At this point I’m willing to try anything. I did find that Aveeno baby lotion and Aveeno creamy bath wash helps alot, but if the Dermatologist suspects Rosacea they will advise against it because the water content can dry the skin more. (I don’t always listen 100% to the doctors- I challenged the idea of Rosacea(that’s why I’ve been to like 4 different Dermatologists)

    I’m hoping to save everyone some money if they have a rash and don’t know what is causing it. Do research and challenge the doctors ideas (not saying they are always wrong, but if I did not challenge them we would still think its Rosacea. Good luck everyone.

  5. I became very depressed because of things happening in my life and then I came out in this awfull rash from the neck down. it was as if i had been burned . I had been putting down an old carpet which a friend had borrowed for years and I am sure it was that. I have been in agony since. on cortazone pills, refusing the the cream, which thins the skin, because they would not tell me at the hospital what ecema was when i asked. I now kniow that I had candida of the gut brought on through depression and that made me more vounerable to the dust mite. I have always been sensitive to dust though. I am on chinese herbs at the moment and giving them another three day, they are horrid to take but seem to be bringing the rash down a bit. JBut, as soon as i go on the london underground i get full of the dust again. - I will try heomeopathy next, anything , anything!!!margaret

  6. hi too every1 suffering from allergies,im 28 and have hayfever since ive turned 21 and im allergic too dustmites,but since ive came away too australia almost a year now,ive had an ongoin rash on both sides off my neck ,right side being worse,it gets very itchy and i break out in red raised big bumps and are sore,it looks like ache & sume doctors have told me it is,which i dont believe because ive had very good clear skin all my life & i come too australia the hottest country&start breaking out.but then 1 doctor told me its allergies you have too the heat as me being from ireland we dont have sun that much,so now im due too go back home in one week were i believe this problem will settle down.

  7. this is making me mad. i have this STUPID rash/bites thingie all over my scalp, neck, chest and back. it itches like you wouldn’t BELIEVE. so tommorrow i’m washing every single thing on my bed! :D

  8. Kombo Inko-Tariah on August 31st, 2011 at 2:05 am

    Dust mites is a positive culprit for stubborn rashes. Make sure all your air duct and vent filters are clean or replaced . You don’t necessasarily need to radically clean your whole house. You can live normally like everyone else as. just keep the surrounding clean. Try this and see! My 3 month old baby was having terrible rashes, decided to check the filter and lo and behold there was NO filter in the vent. In other words we had been eating dust for almost since who ever removed that vent filter. So go check!

  9. It started with me too, about a week ago, and I woke up and thought I was full of bites from a spider or bed bugs. After some research I figured it had to be dust mites, and that the bites I thought I had, was in reality: Rashes from dust mites. I live in a shared house, and two months earlier the vacuum cleaner was all of the sudden gone. I figured this had to be the reason, because I had probably not vacuumed my room (which is carpeted) for two months. I also live in a house on one of the main streets of Sydney, so exhaust and dust comes in all the time. I went out and bought my own vacuum cleaner today, and hope it will help reduce/remove the number of mites so I can sleep at night without waking up read and itchy. My friends mom (a typical housewife) told me that tea will kill mites like nothing else. I have therefore made a brew with strong english breakfast tea and sprayed all around my room, on the carpet, the bed and walls. I’ll wait a couple of hours and vacuum it up. Hopefully it will help! It’s worth a try.
    Hope this will help some of you that’s struggling with dust mites, because it’s absolutely horrible!

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