Do Skin Firming Lotions Work

skin firming lotions There is a multi-billion dollar cosmetic industry that plays on the love of youthful skin and it is extremely difficult to get unbiased answers to questions like “Do firming lotions work?” The answer is that some firming lotions do work, depending on your skin type, health, and how often it is applied.

If a skin firming lotion is applied regularly to the skin and massaged in, the actual massaging action may be doing more for your skin than the lotion you are using! If you have fallen for an ad and spent a lot of money on a firming lotion, massaging it in daily, try using a cheaper or natural lotion to see if you get the same effect.

All firming creams are different, each manufacturer using their own formula of ingredients to improve skin tone. One will tighten surface of the epidermis, while another may plump up the top layers of skin, making it appear much smoother. It is important to find the best skin firming lotion to match your own particular needs and skin type. An oily skin tone cream applied to oily skin is obviously not going to do anything.

Some skin tone lotions contained dermabrasion ingredients, which will slough off the top, dead later of skin leaving newer, brighter looking skin on the surface and stimulating blood flow, giving a “healthier” or fresher look.

Certain firming creams work quickly while others must be used over longer periods for optimum benefit. Some contain light refracting ingredients that can give an instant effect which is really just an illusion, once it has been removed, the effect disappears too. When you go shopping for a skin firming lotion, take a magnifying glass and read the entire label to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Some people say that some of the ingredients in women’s’ cosmetics are the cause of increased cancers in women, especially breast cancer. Certain ingredients such as parabens (Alkyl Hydroxy Benzoate), which is used as preservative, has been found in breast tumors, so research this more. It’s a controversial subject that is still under investigation, but better to grow old gracefully than risk your health. Dr. Adrienne Olsen, a breast cancer survivor, tested a number of moisturizers and found that several of them have estrogen-like substances that are not listed on the bottle. She herself had noted that her skin was looking very good so sent out moisturizers for testing. The results were quite stunning.

Fragrances and perfumes in cosmetics are a cause of allergies and irritation and of the 3000 different fragrances used in cosmetics a number are identified as toxins and some are known to be carcinogens.
The FDA does not require the industry to disclose the ingredients of fragrances on product labels, because of “trade secrecy considerations.”

So let the buyer beware. Do your research, try to buy cosmetics with natural ingredients, that are safer and often just as effective. Look for a natural skin toner that contains:

Rosewater or cucumber for normal skin types

Mint extract for dry skin

Alum or honey & egg toner for oily skin

Raw potato – the starch in raw potato can make a wonderful toner for the right skin type, apply and wash off – simple & natural

Natural Vitamin E and Wheat Oil can be extremely effective too

So, do skin firming lotions work? They can, but do your homework thoroughly before you buy.

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