Cosmetics And Skin Problems

cosmetics and skin problems Skin problems that are caused by a reaction to certain cosmetics are normally referred to as contact dermatitis. Many skin problems from cosmetics can be avoided by paying attention to ingredients. Contact dermatitis can manifest as swelling, break outs and rashes, and in worst cases the skin may become raw or scaly and itchy, sometimes with lesions appearing.

Some skin problems from cosmetics can be diagnosed quickly, especially where someone has tried a new brand and the reaction is seen within a few hours or a day. On the other hand it could take years of prolonged use of the same cosmetics to produce a reaction as well as realize the true source.

Cosmetics contain hundreds of different ingredients and one of the major culprits could be the fragrances or perfumes used in the manufacture of a particular cosmetic. Perfumes and fragrances in themselves contain thousands of ingredients.

Irritant contact dermatitis occurs when the skin is damaged by certain cosmetics. It is obvious because only the area of the skin where the cosmetic was applied will react, often causing blisters, a rash or open weeping sores.

Most cosmetics contain preservatives and it those preservatives that have caused reactions in some people. These preservatives are added to kill harmful bacteria that can grow in cosmetics. It is always a good idea to dispose of cosmetics that have only been used occasionally and then left sitting around for months in a warm and humid bathroom. Better to throw them away and purchase new cosmetics than risk itchy skin rash problems.

The use of mascara and eye shadows can also cause serious reactions in the eye. Those who wear contact lenses have to be especially careful. Most women apply mascara with a rough wand, and many apply eye shadow with a finger and often in a hurry. Be aware that a finger nail or mascara wand can scratch the cornea which may often lead to infection especially if there is bacteria present in the cosmetics. Conjunctivitis is a common occurrence in women who wear heavy eye makeup every day; this causes redness, itchiness and soreness in the outer part of the eyeball.

Cosmetics And Skin Problems And Solutions

It is estimated that most people use on average seven different types of cosmetics every day, including soap, makeup, shampoo and lotions. It is much better to stay with products that you know and like, rather than keep changing brands. If you do suffer from skin problems from cosmetics make sure you remove them completely as soon as you can with a good cleanser. If you suffer from acne, there are many excellent products on the market today that have been proven effective, although many who suffer from acne try to cover it up with makeup; it’s probably doing more harm than good.

If you continually keep getting skin problems from cosmetics you could try some of the mineral cosmetics that can help keep skin healthier, or cosmetics designed specifically for sensitive skin. Failing that, it may mean a trip to the dermatologist to find a solution for your skin problems from cosmetics.

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