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Common Viral Rashes: What’s my Rash

There are certain skin rashes that are common and actually due to a virus. A common one that kids get is the chicken pox. I still have a mark on my cheek left when I played with it as a kid. If you have kids, try to warn them about scratching and give them [...]

What Is Shingles-The Red Rash That Hurts, Itches and Stings

Shingles outbreaks is due to the same virus that causes chicken pox. Once you had chicken pox (most of us had it as children), the virus stays dormantt in your nerves and can be re-awakened when your immune system is low. This can be due to a variety of factors including illness, certain medication, growing [...]

What Is Pityriasis rosea

Pityriasis Rosea┬áis a skin rash that is itchy for about less than half of the people who contract it. Is it called “pity” for a reason? LOL. This is one possible rash diagnpsis give to me for my spots. It usually begins with the ‘herald patch’ but not always. Then there are spots on trunk [...]