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Summer Camp Rash Problems

Summer camp is an essential part of growing up for any kid that loves horses, girl and boy scouts, team sports, space, art, science, or gardening. There are so many opportunities for a child to get out and enjoy time away from home to learn while exploring the world around them. Camps come with fire pits, bunk beds, fishing and cafeteria foods that children come to love. With all that fun comes a lot of close contact- with unusual animals, nature, and other little ones.

Summer Rashes in the News

It was reported this week that due to parasites from birds that can be present in lakes, there have been problems of swimmer’s itch in some Arizona lakes. The specific lake mentioned is Lake Saguaro in Phoneix, Arizona. This can manifest as small pimples or blisters on the skin.

Confusing Summer Rashes: Eczema, Mosquitos, Fungal Oh My

When it’s hot during the summer, or if you live in a tropical climate, it can be hard to know the reason for a skin rash that appears. Rashes such as impetigo or scabies can spread around day camps as well as sleepaway camps. We are also exposed to mosquitos in the summer, prone to getting heat rashes, can develop eczema and also may have allergic reactions to fabrics or environmental factors specific to the summer months.