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Odd School Rash In Hollywood Florida

On May 17th 2012, twelve students and two teachers who were studying in one room suddenly came down with a red rash on their arms, legs and body at 9.30 in the morning. The unusual problem created a tizzy and school authorities were quick to call in the regional hazmat response team to evaluate the condition. The school was closed down and 80 unaffected students were shifted to another building for evaluation. The affected students were separated by gender and transported by bus to the Memorial Regional Hospital.

How to Stop Shaving Bumps Rash

A shaving rash or razor rash often comes from having curly hair, shaving against the growth of the hair pattern and improper softening of the skin prior to shaving.

Razor Burn-Shaving Rash Blues

Rashes from shaving are common and occur for both males and females.
Sometimes called, razor bumps, it can be very frustrating and especially
problematical if you shave your bikini area for a paradise vacation and
have to hide the area due to multiple red bumps. Worse, is that the
rash can even get infected (which can be helped by tea tree [...]