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Scabies Rash: Pictures of Scabies

There was a disturbing news story last year which has some good pictures of scabies. It involved a clothing store with a sign out front they were temporary closed. It turns out that 2 employees had scabies. Since it is highly contagious and the mites can live on clothing for a few days, they closed [...]

Dog Rash-Scratching And Itching

It’s painful to watch your pet suffer such as witnessing a dog rash with excessive itching and scratching or a cat rash problem.¬†Dogs can suffer from allergic dermatitis, parasites, environmental reaction, fleas etc. They may have allergies to foods or problems with a laundry detergent or house cleaner just like humans. It’s hard because they [...]

What Is Scabies - Treatment for Scabies

Scabies is highly contagious and often tough to diagnose because it can look like dermatitis, welts from hives, pimples and other skin rashes. Since it is a very itchy rash it can be also obscured due to the scratch marks as well as possible bacterial infections such as impetigo which may mask it.
Scabies mites are [...]