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Psoriasis and Nutrition: Are Dead Sea Psoriasis Remedies Useful

There are various home remedies for psoriasis you can find on the internet. It is important to not ignore psoriasis as some people end up with cellulitis in the legs from the itching and broken skin neglect. Some people say it is an auto-immune condition that results from a poor immune system. For those seeking [...]

Psoriasis Dead Sea Salt Treatment Products Review

I’ve been hearing from a few readers that they have had significant improvements for psoriasis problems by using natural supplements including the dead sea salt treatment products. What is this all about? Is it different than just getting in a tub and adding epsom salt and other ingredients?

What Is Psoriasis - Understanding Psoriasis Causes

Psoriasis is a skin rash that has a number of varities. The most common one is called plaque psoriasis. Common locations are the knee areas, elbows and scalp but it can appear anywhere on the body and is characterized by red patches that have white-colored scales over them.
Other forms of psoriasis include guttate, pustular and [...]