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Latest Rash Update: Progress Report on Skin

Ok, here is the latest on my rash (which began June 12, 2008). Though I’m not sure still if it’s eczema, fungus, allergies or another unknown, it seems to be almost clear. I still have redness in my inner elbows and a few spots down my arms. My butt still has some spots and a [...]

Supplements for Rashes

My skin rash is improving a great deal. I am not sure if it will flare up but I have been taking a lot of supplements and since I was using various cortisone creams for 3 months I think it has to be in part at least improving due the supplements. My job is quite [...]

My Rash Diary - What’s My Diagnosis

Well, I just had a 3rd biopsy of my rash analyzed today. It’s been over 3 months. The first time I saw a doctor he said it could be scabies and gave me the scabies cream. It did seem a little better for a few days but then my arms broke out badly.
The next doctor [...]