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Causes Of Itching Problems For Children

Some of the common causes of itching problems in children are scabies, atopic dermatitis, certain types of eczema, insect bites and bacterial rashes. Identifying scabies in children can be a challenging task because it can be very confusing.

How to Stop Itchy Skin: Common Rash Complaints

There are a number of different types of rashes and how to stop itchy skin depends in part on your diagnosis. Still, oatmeal baths and antihistamines can provide relief for many red skin inflammations and assist with healing.

Dealing with a Yeast Infection: Do Home Remedies Work?

Unfortunately, sometimes when you take an antibiotic to deal with a rash that was due to bacteria you can develop candida or a yeast infection. In fact, for some people, they even get a yeast infection rash problem. I know when I have taken antibiotics in the past, I would get that familiar yeast infection [...]

Lichen Planus Rash Symptoms and Treatment

Lichen planus is a rash that often is for age group 32-68. There are various symptoms but it can also include bumps in the mouth as well as in nail area. The rash consistss of bumps that are red or purple and often on the inside of wrists and ankles. They can also be on [...]

Stress Rash:Stress Induced Hives Rashes

When one is under a lot of inner agitation and worry, a stress rash can develop. Stress can also aggravate an existing rash caused by allergies, bacteria, viruses or insects. We often note that many digestive issues can be stress-related. For instance before giving a presentation someone can develop loose bowels. Many kids at [...]

Latest Rash Update: Progress Report on Skin

Ok, here is the latest on my rash (which began June 12, 2008). Though I’m not sure still if it’s eczema, fungus, allergies or another unknown, it seems to be almost clear. I still have redness in my inner elbows and a few spots down my arms. My butt still has some spots and a [...]

A Dermatologist Explains Stopping Eczema Flare Ups

This is a helpful video tp help with stopping those pesky eczema flare ups. She goes into detail about using moisturizers as well as the issue of hot water. Remember it is better to prevent it from cropping up again than to deal with it once it manifests. Keep that in mind when you [...]

Supplements for Rashes

My skin rash is improving a great deal. I am not sure if it will flare up but I have been taking a lot of supplements and since I was using various cortisone creams for 3 months I think it has to be in part at least improving due the supplements. My job is quite [...]

Dealing with Heat Rash - Home Remedies to Help Discomfort

Heat rash can be very uncomfortable and it used to be called prickly heat. You’ll see a lot of little red bumps and it can be quite itchy. You may notice this more in the summer time. For those of us in Florida though it can be a problem that occurs all year, especially if [...]

Anti-Depressants for Itching - Is It A Good Idea

When you are very itchy it makes you cranky , anxious and scared. You don’t know how long you’ll have the rash. Sleep is very poor often and there is a sense of total exhaustion the next day. If you have a job or you are watching kids life can seem almost impossible. Should you [...]

What Is Pityriasis rosea

Pityriasis Rosea is a skin rash that is itchy for about less than half of the people who contract it. Is it called “pity” for a reason? LOL. This is one possible rash diagnpsis give to me for my spots. It usually begins with the ‘herald patch’ but not always. Then there are spots on trunk [...]

My Rash Diary - What’s My Diagnosis

Well, I just had a 3rd biopsy of my rash analyzed today. It’s been over 3 months. The first time I saw a doctor he said it could be scabies and gave me the scabies cream. It did seem a little better for a few days but then my arms broke out badly.
The next doctor [...]

How to Reduce Stress When You Have An Itchy Red Rash

Some people get a rash or itching completely due to stress and others find that though the cause is not stress, stress will aggravate it. One thing my dermatologist told me was to not spend time at google images making myself crazy! It is so true. When I was told I had nummular eczema, I [...]

Eczema Diagnosis - Getting A Second Opinion

Though I was diagnosed with nummular eczema, I saw another dermatologist today for another point of view. Well, he said it could be nummular eczema OR it could be a fungus or yeast rash. One thing he did tell me was to not look at pictures on the internet anymore using google images!
Identifying a rash [...]

Itch Lotion - Anti Itch Creams That Are Effective

Though getting to the root of the itch is the best way to treat the rash problem . Nonetheless, an itch lotion that is effective is what’s on most people’s minds and by improving sleep this helps the immune system and one’s sanity as well.  An anti itch cream is also essential for kids who [...]

Nummular Eczema - Red and Itchy

I was scared to show my dermatologist my rash, but it was so itchy and bizarre looking I really had no choice.  It was all over my lower back, a little bit over my hips and a bit on my upper butt. Some were red circles , others looked like welts. I needed a benadryl [...]