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Heat Rash, Chafing and Yeast Rashes

Heat rash, also called miliaria, is a common summertime woe for those young and old. Anyone out enjoying the weather in a humid area will experience dampness on their skin and clothing caused by the inability of sweat to properly dry when there is too much moisture in the air. What actually happens in the body is an entrapment of sweat under the upper layers of skin. The sweat glands become blocked and blister-like pustules filled with this unpassed sweat are trapped.

How to Get Rid of Heat Rash: Treat Heat Rash in Summer

In the summer the question of how to get rid of a heat rash is very common due to excessive sweating from exercising and hot temperatures. A look at how to treat a heat rash is below.

Dealing with Heat Rash - Home Remedies to Help Discomfort

Heat rash can be very uncomfortable and it used to be called prickly heat. You’ll see a lot of little red bumps and it can be quite itchy. You may notice this more in the summer time. For those of us in Florida though it can be a problem that occurs all year, especially if [...]