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Eczema: What to Avoid

There is no one answer for eczema skin problems but some people have found the following to be useful in terms of what can be possible culprits for eczema symptoms and rash outbreaks. First of all, don’t scratch . Where gloves, scream do what you have to do to avoid doing that. It will complicate [...]

Increased Food Allergies for Kids:Skin Rash News

It’s been reported via door to door surveys by the Centers for Disease Control that kids have increased in food allergies by 18 percent. This means that over 3 million US Kids have these reactions. In other studies, foods such as eggs, dairy and peanuts as high ranking. Twice as many seem to have peanut [...]

Dermatitis Herpetiformis - How to Control

Dermatitis herpetiformis┬ácan be very itchy and is a rash that can also include water blisters. They are often on elbows, butt, knees, waist and back. They will scab but you will probably get new spots as well. Unfortunately, it is chronic though DH - dermatitis herpetiformis can be controlled via nutrition according to some. It’s [...]

My Rash Diary - What’s My Diagnosis

Well, I just had a 3rd biopsy of my rash analyzed today. It’s been over 3 months. The first time I saw a doctor he said it could be scabies and gave me the scabies cream. It did seem a little better for a few days but then my arms broke out badly.
The next doctor [...]