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Adult Eczema:Discoid, Atopic, Seborrhoeic Natural Tips

Adult eczema can be quite challenging. When I was struggling with nummular eczema, I didn’t know initially it was a bad idea to take hot baths and scrub the skin. Since someone thought it could be the scabies rash initially, I was thinking that would be best. However, the second dermatologist diagnosed it as nummular [...]

Home Remedies for Eczema: Treatment Tips

If you feel like the roller coaster of the eczema itching , red bumps , clearing and recurrences is zapping your energy don’t give up. This is a persistent problem but with proper detection work into your foods, stress triggers and external factors you can work on a program to control it.

Review of Beat Eczema: Eliminate Eczema in As Little As 10 Days

A book had been recommended to me by a few readers of this blog for their own eczema issues, so I decided to check it out here Beat Eczema . The page didn’t have lots of information and seemed to have a strong selling aspect to it. It didn’t look too professional but [...]