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Stress Rash:Stress Induced Hives Rashes

When one is under a lot of inner agitation and worry, a stress rash can develop. Stress can also aggravate an existing rash caused by allergies, bacteria, viruses or insects. We often note that many digestive issues can be stress-related. For instance before giving a presentation someone can develop loose bowels. Many kids at [...]

Anti-Depressants for Itching - Is It A Good Idea

When you are very itchy it makes you cranky , anxious and scared. You don’t know how long you’ll have the rash. Sleep is very poor often and there is a sense of total exhaustion the next day. If you have a job or you are watching kids life can seem almost impossible. Should you [...]

How to Reduce Stress When You Have An Itchy Red Rash

Some people get a rash or itching completely due to stress and others find that though the cause is not stress, stress will aggravate it. One thing my dermatologist told me was to not spend time at google images making myself crazy! It is so true. When I was told I had nummular eczema, I [...]