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Bed Bug Rash: Dealing with These Critters

Today in Yahoo front cover was a big story on how bed bugs have reached an alarming high rate since world war ii. Some say this is due to the changes in pesticides and certain government product bans. A few shelters in North Carolina have had to shut down due to this invasion.

Bed Bugs: Why Are They Always in the News

It seems hard to go a day without reading about bed bugs in the news. Why is that? According to researchers at U of Mass at Amherst, there has been a resistance to insecticides. They are saying that NYC bedbugs are over 200 times more resistant to deltamethrin . The poisons that attack the bed [...]

Bed Bug Rash: Are You Getting Bed Bugs Bites

When my friend told me his mom’s building in NYC was infested with bed bugs and she was getting a rash from them, I was suprised and concerned. She is 80 and has a lot of health issues already to deal with.
Evidently there have been over 8000 bed bug complaints in NYC in 2008 by [...]