Bed Bugs: The Annoying Critters Are Back

bed bug picture There is no doubt about it, bed bugs are back and very stubborn. In the news this week, it was discussed that Goldman Sachs in its Jersey City office has had to get exterminators for these pests.
In Ohio, they’ve been reported as a problem throughout the Franklin County area.

Propoxur 40 was asked to be used as a remedy by the Ohio govenor, but due to it’s being a very strong pesticide with possible problems that could damage children’s nervous system it has not been accepted by the EPA in this difficult situation. DDT was used in the past but banned and other types of chemicals have been limited in usage. Remember that just like with scabies, bed bugs cannot survive the heat, so a dryer is useful. However, this won’t get the ones that are hiding in furniture.

In Toronoto, a man has trained two dogs to be able to sniff for these bugs and has been hired by different establishments including prominent hotels.

In Moscow, the bedbug problem has risen from 1 percent in 2005 to over 5 percent in 2009 statistics.

A hotel in Ithaca, NY has installed specific mattress liners on beds for protection. It is known for international meetings and they are being cautious.

The problem also is reported in some college dormitories, nursing homes, office buildings and rehab facilities. Because these settings can have a number of other rashes such as eczema, scabies and heat rashes, it may take a while for the proper diagnosis.

First of all, if you notice a problem and you are renting or in a condo, let your landlord or property manager know about the situation. They will need to bring in an exterminator. If you own your own home, call a professional to give you an estimate on the problem. At home, you can use mattress and bed spring protectors which are special types of liners. However, the bed bugs can be in furniture
elsewhere and they are not just confined to the bed area. Be careful about buying a used mattress or even used furniture. Some people now are avoiding this type of purchase due to the issues of hidden pests. It is important to vacuum and as mentioned earlier, high heat can be lethal for bed bugs and their eggs but it may need to be over 110 degrees for effective elimination.

If this isn’t enough to worry about, scabies are also reported in hotels, nursing homes and other settings. Bed bugs however are not parasites that reproduce under the skin so do not result in the incessant itching issue. The bed bug rash can be an additional annoyance and can result in confusion when people mistake the redness with allergies. There is also the difficulty in discussing these issues with co-workers due to fears of rumors.

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4 Responses to “Bed Bugs: The Annoying Critters Are Back”

  1. There was a story about a woman in jacksonville who went to get dialysis but they wouldn’t treat her because she had bedbugs in her clothing. The pest control company also used a dog to detect the bedbugs. I think they use steam to kill them.

  2. Senator Perkins said today that places should sanitize used beds and bedding and label them so people know what they are getting. He is trying to protect NY and we appreciate that.

  3. They are saying that the proteins in the bedbug saliva is what causes the itching response and it looks like they are working on studying this. That is good becuz maybe it will stop the crazy itching and burning allergies on the skin.

  4. I read in a Toronto newspaper that they found bedbugs at Etobicoke General hospital. Sad story. Droppings were seen in the Er too.

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