Adult Diaper Rash: How to Treat It Effectively

Adult diaper rash is similar to diaper rashes that kids have and important to treat. Diapers are nothing to be ashamed of and adults may need them for a variety of reasons including incontinence, bed wetting, post-surgical issues and various medical problems. Adults are not always able to accept leakage problems and this is also true for diaper rash. If you suspect a parent or loved one is having a problem, please speak with them about this so they can improve the quality of life.

It is nothing to be ashamed about since an adult diaper rash has the same origin as those for kids- ie urine or fecal material irritating the skin. Be sure to clean the skin thorougly, change the diaper frequently, let the skin air out part of each day and apply creams to heal any rashes. Sometimes urinary incontinence can be due to stress so if you or a loved one suffer from this problem, look into relaxing cds, simple stretching exercises and ways to change the perspective to not feel so dragged down. Sometimes people in your life can also connect to your negative emotions, so try to track this as well. Try to change the diaper every 3 hours to keep area clean.

For females, doing the kegel exercise can help with urinary incontinence in some cases so try this to build up the muscles in that area. Traditional remedies for both adult diaper rash and toddler diaper rashes include baby powder, corn starch and Vitamin A and D creams. Zinc oxide creams are also good for healing. Some say that petrolatum can be an allergen, so test this in case you have a reaction.

Some natural home remedies for diaper rash include products that contain calendula, aloe and chamomile extracts. Cranberry juice can be helpful and is good to kill bacteria that can lead to urinary tract infections or yeast infections as well.

Don’t beat yourself or feel uncomfortable about this issue. There are commercials for diaper rash adult
problems and it is part of our culture and can be treated effectively.

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11 Responses to “Adult Diaper Rash: How to Treat It Effectively”

  1. My dad had adult diaper rash but didn’t tell anyone. He didn’t want us to know he even wore diapers. It got infected from bacteria. If your parents are aging you should try to ask them gently about this.


  2. Yeah my mom was the same way . She had severe adult diaper rash and we didn’t even know she had to wear diapers. It got infected and took a while for the redness to clear and the sores to go away. She’s ok now though.

  3. My grandma had what we thought was an adult diaper rash but it turned out to be a yeast rash. She hates to shower because she fell once in the bathroom so maybe that’s how she got the yeast rash. It looks like diaper rash symptoms.

  4. My uncle was at a nursing home and we found out that the night time nurses really weren’t changing her diaper and put it on really tight too. It really is not fair because people get adult diaper rash infections and these people are paid to work.

  5. What can we do to get proper care?

  6. I am 51 and started having nighttime incontinence (which has become severe - 2 diapers don’t work, the extra huge “Dry Comfort” pads don’t work - I have constant diaper rash which stings and is uncomfortable. It’s an every night problem and no matter how I clean, it doesn’t go away. They are more like little lumps.

    My Psychiatrist, of all people, suggested DDAVP which is used for child and, he stated, adult bed-wetting. I have to wait for my check to try it.

    I have zinc oxide (you can get it cheap at Wal-Mart in the incontinence section and it’s called “Barrier Cream”, but the only ingredient is Zinc Oxide, only $2.00! I use the Assure Wipes ($2.00 for 48) in the middle of the night, then put a towel on the bed because I’m so tired, it’s ridiculous.

    I’m not sure what to wear WITH the Zinc Oxide. I mean, a lot of it just rubs off with diapers and panties.

    This started for me while in a very hostile situation which I am out of, but it is getting progressively worse (don’t know how much worse it can get, actually).

    I’ll just keep up with the Zinc Oxide and try the DDAVP which the generic is, I believe, OTC! (Expensive, but cheaper than all the things I have to buy for the diaper rash, the diapers, etc.

    Good luck to all!

  7. I used to get disper rash a lot, I wear diapers 24/7 do to medical problems, I found that using A&D ointment helps a lot to heal and prevent a rash, I rub it on and then a put some baby powder on to help keep my skin dry, I haven’t had a rash in a long time till one day I forgot to put my ointment and powder in my diaper bag, and had to change my self. The end of that day I had started a light rash. Witch cleared up over night with the ointment, diaper rash is not fun so protect your self from getting it, I’m a 30 yr old male and I been in diapers pretty much my whole life from an under developed bladder and from under developed nerves to the bladder. Pretty much my bladder will never work right,

  8. I realize this is a year late for “Drew’s” comment but I want to point out what it’s REALLY like to work in a nursing home. You, Drew, should feel lucky that your uncle’s briefs were changed at all. Usually night staffing runs at about 2 CNA’s to 40 residents. THIS IS THE REALITY. You also should realize that these people are paid little more than minimum wage for backbreaking labour. If your family doesn’t like the reality of a nursing home setting, then you should keep your uncle at home or write to your congressman about changing the minimum staffing requirements for nursing homes. THANK YOU.

  9. In Europe my parents tried a cream specifically formulated for adults that use diapers. They liked it so much that every time I travel tothe USA I have to bring some tubes. Its called Dermosanol, is it available in the USA?
    thank you

  10. some times the diaper rash there getting could be from the poorly made diapers your using. most medical facility buy the cheapest diapers they can get and buy in bulk. who ever orders them doesn’t care. he or she is not wearing them. I went throw is for a month finally my doc wrote me a scrib for adult diapers my insurance paid for them I haven’t had diaper rash since

  11. I’m a adult bed wetter in my forties I wear nappies I sleep the whole night through my nappy is always wet in the morning I’ve got nappy rash im wondering what’s the best cream or powder to use .

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