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Skin Allergies to Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a popular item to keep in the car, beach bags, strollers, and diaper bags and is applied before spending time in the sun to avoid sunburn and to protect the skin from damaging rays that can lead to skin cancer. In the US, the temperature is heating up and people are buying various creams and sprays . The damaging effects of too much sun are known all too well. For those who are allergic to sunscreen though, deciding what to do about both the allergy and the sun can be a difficult decision. Sunscreen allergies can appear as a rash where the lotion or spray was applied. Some are lightly spotted, while other rashes are bright red and raised. Certain individuals who are extremely allergic will have heavy swelling.

Summer Camp Rash Problems

Summer camp is an essential part of growing up for any kid that loves horses, girl and boy scouts, team sports, space, art, science, or gardening. There are so many opportunities for a child to get out and enjoy time away from home to learn while exploring the world around them. Camps come with fire pits, bunk beds, fishing and cafeteria foods that children come to love. With all that fun comes a lot of close contact- with unusual animals, nature, and other little ones.