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The Mystery Of Hot Tub Rashes

We’ve had some hot days this spring and many people are ready to fill up the hot tub and have a nice soak. Be warned though, there is a chance that your hot tub could be hosting an unseen danger which can result in skin irritation or a rash. Also, it may not erupt immediately so you can easily think it was due to another cause.

Exercise And Rash Problems

You are frustrated by an annoying irritating rash that just does not seem to go away. It’s red and may increase in size or redden when your work out and continues to itch all through the day. Initially, you thought that the rash might have been caused due to new clothes or exercise friction but now you’re starting to get worried.

The Frustration Of Diaper Rash

There are many unavoidable things parents of a newborn are going to encounter. And one of the most unnerving ones is diaper rash. Yes, no matter how well you clean your baby and prepared you think you are, diaper rash often creeps its way into the picture.

HIV Rash Appearance On The Body

The rash appears like other skin reactions but is distinguished by a couple features that are exclusive to HIV infection. It is important to seek the advice of a healthcare provider for any skin irritation that does not go away within a few days or becomes worse with time. This is important both for diagnosis as well as treatment. There can be a great deal of anxiety over rashes since the mind circles over each possibility.

Can Spring Allergies Cause Rashes

Seasonal hay fever and symptoms of sneezing, runny nose, watery or itching eyes, and congestion can also be accompanies by other physical symptoms. Can spring allergies cause rashes? The answer is yes. Occasionally people will be sensitive enough to break out when they come in contact with various pollens, molds, or other organisms.