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Wool And Itching Problems

When you think of fabrics that keep you warm during the winter, wool often comes to mind. Wool is known for its ability to insulate and keep you warm, to absorb moisture, to resist static electricity, and for being inflammable – all of which are great – but wool is also known to be generally coarse and itchy.

Rashes And The Elderly

Everyone has known the discomfort and irritation of a rash. A rash is a common occurrence, which usually signals that the skin has come in contact with some sort of irritation, that there is an underlying disease or infection, or some type of allergy is involved. There is generally a need for concern when a rash lasts longer than a few days.

Causes Of Itching Problems For Children

Some of the common causes of itching problems in children are scabies, atopic dermatitis, certain types of eczema, insect bites and bacterial rashes. Identifying scabies in children can be a challenging task because it can be very confusing.