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Making A Dermatologist Appointment

Do you have a rash or skin care problem which is worrying you? If so you may be wondering when to see a dermatologist. People will see a specialist when they have a rash, but there are also other times to have your skin by a dermatologist. For instance, it is helpful to know your family history and if there have been incidents of skin cancer or moles that been found to be problematical.

What Is Hydrocortisone Cream

Hydrocortisone cream is a commonly prescribed medication for the relief of conditions such as minor skin irritations, usually including those caused by insect bites, eczema rash symptoms, poison ivy, and other allergy-causing substances. It is also sometimes prescribed for itchy rectal areas and irritations of the scalp area

Common Mistakes In Rash Treatment

I was speaking to a nurse at the mental health clinic where I work and she said that
one common mistake people make when they have a rash is to assume they should just be putting calamine lotion on it.

Football Staph Rash Scare In Town Of Olivet

A number of football players in Olivet, Michigan have reported odd rashes. Some have seen staph infection rashes on their arms and sores on their backs. When there is a contagious rash with staph infection, it brings up questions of MRSA.

Economy And Diaper Rash Increase

There was an interesting article today about the relation of economic issues and an increase in diaper rash in babies. I wasn’t sure how these could be connected but the speculations are pretty interesting. There are different possible reasons for this. Are people trying to change diapers less in order to save money? If this is the case, the child may be sitting in a diaper that is soiled or wet which can result in the rash.