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Diagnosing A Rash

There was an interesting article about a woman who posted her four year old’s rash pictures on Facebook and learned that his condition was neither scarlet fever or a strep rash (which were the earlier diagnoses by her doctor), but the serious condition of Kawasaki disease.

Shingles Or Eczema

How can you tell if it’s shingles or eczema? Shingles is caused by the herpes zoster virus, the same virus that gave us chicken pox, with all those itchy spots all over our bodies. Eczema is a term that embraces many skin problems. Of course, it is also possible it is a very different rash such as scabies, insect bites or hives.

Catching Shingles

People wonder if you can catch shingles. It is caused by the varicella zoster virus which causes chicken pox.

Eczema From Pets: Cat And Dog Interesting Stats

Eczema from pets can occur around domesticated animals such as cats and dogs. Eczema is characterized by an inflammation of the skin, resulting in redness, mild to severe itching, scaling and oozing of the skin, and eventually a crusting of the skin.

Jellyfish Skin Problems

Jellyfish skin problems are more common during the summer because there are more people going into the ocean waters. The summer months are typically the time when friends and family gather at beaches to enjoy the weekends.

Early Shingles Symptoms

One of the readers of this blog was kind enough to send me her experience of dealing with shingles and I wanted to share this with everyone: Early shingles symptoms can be pain, tingling or a burning sensation always, confined to one side of the body. If you have not experienced shingles, sometimes it starts, like mine did, with what could only be described as a curious sensation, mine was on one ear.