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Confusing Summer Rashes: Eczema, Mosquitos, Fungal Oh My

When it’s hot during the summer, or if you live in a tropical climate, it can be hard to know the reason for a skin rash that appears. Rashes such as impetigo or scabies can spread around day camps as well as sleepaway camps. We are also exposed to mosquitos in the summer, prone to getting heat rashes, can develop eczema and also may have allergic reactions to fabrics or environmental factors specific to the summer months.

Natural Approaches To Eczema

Watch the foods you eat as well as dermatitis can be a reaction to nuts, dairy or wheat products. Try to identify what may be triggers and include even food dyes as some people have reported their eczema would flare-up after eating candies with food dyes due to the skin sensitivity.

Swimming Rashes: Lakes, Pools And Ponds

If you check in the news, you’ll see headlines about various places around the US where swimming rashes have recently been an issue. In Nebraska, at Mormon Island, a number of people have broken out in a rash and the swimming beach at the Rec area was closed. Swimming rash hasn’t been confirmed, but staff and the health department are trying to determine the reason for the problem.

Steven Johnson Syndrome Rash

The Stevens Johnson syndrome is an allergic skin condition that can turn into a very serious medical condition if it’s not diagnosed and treated early. It is a reaction to drugs that causes an inflammation of the mucous membranes, eyes, and skin.

Chigger Rash And Protecting Yourself

Chiggers are tiny mites that sometimes feed on human skin cell fluids. Left untreated they may feed for several days. Chiggers are related to ticks and spiders and when a person is bitten by a chigger he experiences intense itching followed by an itchy chiggers rash that is characterized as red bumps with a darker center