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Chigger Bites

Chiggers may be looked upon as one of the many pesky insects that bother humans, but they are in fact a member of the spider family along with mites. When they are at the juvenile stage, they require dead skin cells to grow and develop, thereafter they become vegetarians.

Bed Sores And Skin Ulcers

Bed sores or pressure ulcers are most commonly found bedridden patients, especially the elderly as well as those confined to wheelchairs. They often start out as small lesions caused by being in one position for too long but can also be caused by friction or temperature and humidity.

Poison Ivy And Summer Months

If you garden, hike or spend time in the woods, be careful as you may experience a rash from poison ivy during the summer months, when the poison ivy plant is in full bloom. In fact, ninety percent of Americans are allergic to the urushiol oil inside the plant, which manifests as a red, burning rash when the plant leaves come into contact with skin.

Top Elderly Skin Problems

As the subcutaneous layer of fat decreases, older people, especially women start to feel the cold more due to the fact that fat functioned as insulation. That’s why many older people will be wearing extra clothing even on warm days.