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Wrinkle-Free Clothing And Dermatitis

Did you ever wonder how there can be clothing that looks great and does not require ironing? Well, formaldehyde is one of the reasons this is possible. Have you had contact dermatitis in past?

Understanding Rashes And Meningitis

A recent press release in the UK discussed that many people have the wrong notion which is that one can start to treat meningitis after they notice a rash. The article corrects this mistaken idea by noting that the rash ofteni is one of the last signs of the disease and a person may not recover once it has progressed to this point. Last week the Meningitis Trust began a campaign to help the public realize that the rash should not be the first time to take action.

Meningitis has symptoms similar to feeling like one is coming down with a flu or virus. Some signs are similar to other illnesses which include muscle stiffness, headaches and a fever. There can also be
coldness in the extremities, exhaustion and seizures. In very young children the breathing may be irregular and the child may become less interactive. Kids under age five are the ones at most risk. The rash can begin as little pricks that are tiny and then appear more like bruises.