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Fungus And Yellow Nails

A lot of people experience yellow toenails which are often due to fungus. Those who allow their toenail fungus to sit and spread can experience pain, which is why it is so important to recognize the symptoms and seek out the appropriate treatment for this problem.

Skin Tags On The Body

A skin tag is essentially a piece of soft skin that hangs from a certain part of the body. These skin tags can appear on almost any part of the body; however they are typically seen in the groin, neck, upper chest, back, armpit area, as well as under breasts with women.

Bleach And Eczema: A Possible Aid In Reducing Symptoms

Using bleach to treat your child’s eczema is an idea now being discussed more widely. Some parents have started doing this since it was popularized in an article was run in the New York Times extolling the benefits of this treatment.