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Eczema and Isolation: Reactions from Kids and Parents

If you are the parent of a child with eczema, it can be hard to hear that other kids at school are keeping a distance. If you notice or hear that the parents are whispering about your child that also is painful.

Psoriasis Pictures: Gain Hope With Various Solutions

Psoriasis is a very common disorder that is classified by pink or scaly areas of skin. Psoriasis pictures often times reveal a wide range of cases - some individuals have small rashes that will only occasionally appear on the elbows or knees, while others suffer severe irritation and redness on many parts of the body.

Rashes and Cancer

Although most rashes do not indicate cancer, sometimes in certain situations a connection can be noted. For instance, an uncommon form of breast cancer called inflammatory breast cancer can manifest as a rash that can make the skin thicker and appear a bit as a bruise in sections.