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Coping with a Rash During the Holidays and Summer

It is Memorial Day weekend and one of my psychotherapy clients was very discouraged due to the fact that her 17 year old daughter has been itching for three days and is very unhappy. They are having family over from out of town and will be engaged in picnics and barbecues. Her daughter just wants to stay in her room due to feeling in a low mood.

The Return of Measles

Despite that the fact that the vaccination for measles is very effective, nonetheless there are news reports that measles is actually spreading around certain countries in Euroupe as well as Africa and Asia.

Baby Diaper Rash Controversy In the News

The power of Facebook and Blogging is apparent in the controversy that has arisen between some concerned moms and Proctor and Gamble over their Pampers with Dry Max diaper product. A social worker and mother of an 8 month year old, Sara Fobear, set up a facebook page requesting P and G to recall the [...]

Vitiligo Skin Disorder: Symptoms and Treatment

Vitiligo skin disorder is caused by depigmentation of the skin. Pigment determines color; therefore depigmentation of the skin is when the skin has a lack of color. It is caused when melanocytes are destroyed.