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Common Contagious Childhood Rashes

Many people who have children find themselves wishing that they came with an instruction manual, especially when said children aren’t feeling well. One of the most unnerving symptoms of illness can be a rash, particularly one that is contagious. While many contagious illnesses can cause rashes, three of the most common are measles, impetigo, and roseola

Rashes From Hotels - Learn About The Horrors You Can Bring Home

Rashes from hotels are becoming more and more common as international travel from all over the world is an everyday event. Within the US, domestic fares are also reasonable which makes travel much more popular. However, if you are not careful, there is more than souvenirs that can be brought home with you if you are not observant.

What is Rosacea: Triggers and Ways to Control It

Essentially, rosacea is an inflammatory condition that affects the skin on your face. Your face will always look like you’re blushing, and you may experience acne. While acne and rosacea are two different conditions, acne can be a symptom of rosacea, especially when it’s accompanied by the all-over redness of the face.

Skin Chafing and Rashes

The skin can get irritated and chafing is the term used that describes the result from rubbing, friction and skin contact resulting in inflammation due to factors that include heat and humidity issues. We rub the skin when it’s already under stress. This can also be due to chemicals that irritate.

What Is Dermatographism: Writing on the Skin

If you are wondering “What is dermatographism?” , one clue is that lines, writing or drawing can appear on the skin. This is a form of chronic urticaria that causes people to be sensitive to touch, pressure, and scratching.

Natural Methods to Treat Itchy Rashes

You can get them for a wide variety of reasons. Allergies, irritations, viruses, bacterial infection, fungus and more can all cause these red, bumpy, splotchy menaces to form on your skin. You can take steroids and calamine lotion to help heal them and relieve the discomfort, but these products have chemicals and people are trying to learn more about other remedies.

Tips for Coping with Rash Symptoms: How to Stay Calm

Not everyone has read my blog from the beginning, but my interest and research in rashes began when I woke up one morning in June 2007 (out of town) with an itchy rash all over my upper legs, waist area and arms. Not only was it difficult due to being out of town , but [...]