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Eczema Photos: Pictures Can Vary for Dermatitis

There are various types of eczema that appear on different parts of the body or are cause by differing factors. Atopic eczema is an allergic reaction to natural or artificial irritations, certain food, or environmental elements.

Fire Ant Bites: Rash Symptoms

Fire ant bites occur when you are attacked by fire or “red” ants. Fire ants range from very tiny to about 1/5 inch. They have very strong mandibles that can tear and cut their victims skin. Fire ant get their name because their bites create a burning and stinging sensation on the skin.

Symptoms Of A Tick Bite: Care and Treatment Tips for Lyme

Tick bites are common, but knowing the signs of a tick bite can help you to treat it properly as well as know about the dangers they can present. Lymes disease can be serious if not attended to with proper care.

Rash from Metal: Jewelry and Other Irritants

Ever had a problem with cheap jewelry? Can’t wear it cause of a rash that comes about after taking them off? Even zippers are a problem. What’s worse is that the rash never starts right away so it’s hard to figure out just what caused it. A rash from metal is a common allergy with [...]

Pediatric Rashes: Common Rash Problems of Kids

There are many different types of pediatric rashes. If you’re a first time parent, this can especially be scary. At the first sign of a rash, your instincts will tell you to go to a doctor to find out exactly what kind of rash they have for proper diagnosis and medication.

What is Petechiae: A Rash with Little Dots

A Petechia, or Petechiae in its plural form, is a flat, tiny dot under the skin’s surface than can be red, brown, purple or black in color. The dots themselves contain blood (and sometime mucous) that has hemorraged from broken capillaries into the skin.