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Natural Remedies for Warts: Alternative Home Treatment

What are some natural home remedies for wart removal to address plantar warts and warts on the hand?

My Kid Has Chicken Pox: Dealing with the Pox

Chicken pox is a common disease in childhood and also highly contagious. When someone breaks out in due to the chicken pox virus there are small red marks as well as often blisters that itch and contain fluid.

Staph Skin Infections: Is the Beach Safe

Staph bacteria is found on some beaches survey on the west coast as well as in a study last year in Florida. Both staph and mrsa infections are occuring as well with football players in high school as well as in other sports.

Impetigo Causes: Children, Bullous and Natural Treatments

Impetigo can spread quickly between kids and on one’s own body. Impetigo in children occurs in camps, day care centers and schools and there are two forms- bullous impetigo and non-bullous impetigo.