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How to Treat Fever Blisters: Lysine and Cold Sores

Learn about how to treat fever blisters to reduce their duration as well as help prevent future outbreaks from the herpes simplex virus that results in cold sore formation.

Preventing Poison Ivy Rash: What To Do About Urushiol Oil

Learn how to identify poison ivy and ways to quickly treat the skin if it has contacted the urushiol oil so it will prevent it’s spread to another part of the body or an individual accidentally.

How to Prevent Spreading a Rash

Rashes can be spread to another person or even to a different part of one’s own body. How can this problem be controlled and what can you teach your children?

Fingernail Fungus Treatment: Natural Ways to Heal Skin

Fingernail fungus is common and can be chronic in nature. There are both topical approaches to this problem as well as approaches that get to the root of the underlying issue.

How to Control Your Anxiety and Emotions During Your Rash

Rash anxiety is common and learning effective ways to cope with itchy skin will give you tools that not only help you with your existing rash but will aid you for the rest of your life.