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How to Stop Shaving Bumps Rash

A shaving rash or razor rash often comes from having curly hair, shaving against the growth of the hair pattern and improper softening of the skin prior to shaving.

Don’t Let Your Eczema Get Infected by Bacteria

Alternatives to scratching eczema are important to avoid infections such as impetigo or staph.

Sun Rash: What Does This Mean

A sun rash is photodermatitis and needs to be watched. This is different than a heat rash though some people used those terms as synonomous

How to Stop Itchy Skin: Common Rash Complaints

There are a number of different types of rashes and how to stop itchy skin depends in part on your diagnosis. Still, oatmeal baths and antihistamines can provide relief for many red skin inflammations and assist with healing.

How to Get Rid of Heat Rash: Treat Heat Rash in Summer

In the summer the question of how to get rid of a heat rash is very common due to excessive sweating from exercising and hot temperatures. A look at how to treat a heat rash is below.

Dust Mites Rash: Are You Allergic

Though people say that the dust mites rash is due to being bitten, experts say it’s an allergic reaction to the waste products that the dust mites leave on the bed, pillow, rug and upholstery.