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Adult Eczema:Discoid, Atopic, Seborrhoeic Natural Tips

Adult eczema can be quite challenging. When I was struggling with nummular eczema, I didn’t know initially it was a bad idea to take hot baths and scrub the skin. Since someone thought it could be the scabies rash initially, I was thinking that would be best. However, the second dermatologist diagnosed it as nummular [...]

Rash In School Similar to Poison Ivy Rash

A school in the Pittsburgh area, Sto-Rox Middle School, had a number of faculty and students suffering. Eleven faculty members and nine students seemed to get this rash that seemed similar to poison ivy rash. What is interesting is that the Allegheny County Health Department found traces of benzene in the atmosphere at the elementary [...]

Rash from Nickel: Mobile Cell Phone Problems

Do you have cell phone dermatitis? That means you are having a reaction to the nickel on your cell phone. A lot of the phones have nickel in the buttons as well as area around the screen and other parts of the phone. If you sweat, this can cause the nickel to interact with your [...]

Adult Diaper Rash: How to Treat It Effectively

Adult diaper rash is similar to diaper rashes that kids have and important to treat. Diapers are nothing to be ashamed of and adults may need them for a variety of reasons including incontinence, bed wetting, post-surgical issues and various medical problems. Adults are not always able to accept leakage problems and this is also [...]

Common Viral Rashes: What’s my Rash

There are certain skin rashes that are common and actually due to a virus. A common one that kids get is the chicken pox. I still have a mark on my cheek left when I played with it as a kid. If you have kids, try to warn them about scratching and give them [...]