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Bed Bugs: Why Are They Always in the News

It seems hard to go a day without reading about bed bugs in the news. Why is that? According to researchers at U of Mass at Amherst, there has been a resistance to insecticides. They are saying that NYC bedbugs are over 200 times more resistant to deltamethrin . The poisons that attack the bed [...]

Hot Tub Rash Pictures

Rashes from hot tubs are being diagnosed now and you can see some pictures in the video here. Fortunately, the chemical that causes reactions has alternatives, though it takes a few more steps to set up your hot tub properly. If you are going to a public facility, it can take a little work to [...]

Home Remedies for Eczema: Treatment Tips

If you feel like the roller coaster of the eczema itching , red bumps , clearing and recurrences is zapping your energy don’t give up. This is a persistent problem but with proper detection work into your foods, stress triggers and external factors you can work on a program to control it.

Stress Rash: Anxiety and Nervousness Can Cause Rashes

There’s so much in the news today about the connection between the mind, body and spirit. In my psychotherapy sessions I’ve recently worked with two women that see a strong correlation between periods of anxiety in their lives and stress rash eruptions.

Dealing with a Yeast Infection: Do Home Remedies Work?

Unfortunately, sometimes when you take an antibiotic to deal with a rash that was due to bacteria you can develop candida or a yeast infection. In fact, for some people, they even get a yeast infection rash problem. I know when I have taken antibiotics in the past, I would get that familiar yeast infection [...]

Shingles Disease Vaccine

The shingles disease rash is due to the virus that remains in the body after chicken pox. It breaks out into painful bumps and blisters. In 2008 the Center for Disease Control has come out with the recommendation that adults over 60 get the zoster vaccine to help prevent the shingles disease if they’ve already [...]